Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 04.27.16

Sheila Evans
Sheila Evans

No room for N.Y. criticism on HB2

The Manhattan DA recently issued a warning to women in his city about “upskirting,” covertly photographing up a woman’s skirt. The photos are often posted online.

Massachusetts banned upskirting in 2014, making it a misdemeanor to take the photos, a felony to disseminate them.

So, just to be clear... Manhattan is alerting women about the invasion of their privacy on the streets in NYC, yet the N.Y. governor is banning non-essential state travel to North Carolina and criticizing our governor, who wants to protect my privacy and privacy of my children while we are showering in the locker room?

Am I missing something here? Maybe this is what Sen. Ted Cruz meant by “New York values.”

Nancy Anderson, Weddington

Talk is cheap; I want details, Mr. Trump

Donald Trump’s expensive new adviser says Trump is going to start acting more presidential any day now.

While Ted Cruz and John Kasich give details of their plans as president, Donald just rants about how the system is rigged against him.

He has yet to give any real details about how he will operate as president. He just says we’ll “win win win, so much we’ll be tired of winning”!

Talk is cheap – real knowledge is priceless.

Sheila W. Evans, Charlotte

Real reason the poor don’t bother to vote

I grew up poor in rural Maine. I have eight siblings who remain in that area, and they don’t vote.

Contrary to liberal propaganda, the reason is not lack of access to the ballot box. It’s because they feel their votes don’t count and the system is rigged against them.

Some of them have decided to vote this year. They are split evenly between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

Access is easy enough for those who wish to vote. It’s a corrupt and broken government that keeps them home on Election Day.

John Larrabee, Charlotte

N.C. teachers going above and beyond

In response to “Students also getting treated poorly” (April 26 Forum):

North Carolina has never had a teachers union.

The N.C. Association of Educators serves as an organization for professional development and advocacy, akin to the N.C. Masonry Association, etc.

Teachers, who are at the bottom of the nation’s pay scale, work well beyond an 8-hour work day, have tolerated eroding insurance benefits, and spend their own money on supplies are not at fault for the current state of affairs in North Carolina.

Incidentally, 13 of our 30 public high schools were named distinguished schools in U.S. News & World Report’s 2016 education issue. Not perfect, but not bad!

I would argue we have to thank the very same people Forum writer Dale Williams targets – for being among the nation’s best.

Tara Anastasi, Mattthews

Need to make biking uptown safer, easier

In response to “In 1966 Charlotte leaders had a vision for the city” (April 24):

The writer is former director of the Charlotte Area Bicycle Alliance.

Thanks to Ely Portillo for his insightful piece on the 1966 Odell Plan for uptown, and for highlighting its misguided vision for an auto-centric future.

However, he mistakenly cites that bike lanes “have spread throughout uptown.”

Although there are a handful of entry points where bikeways cross over or under the freeway loop, a grid of bikeways throughout uptown does not yet exist.

Charlotte’s uptown is blessed with an abundance of public and private bike racks and a wonderful B-Cycle bike share system, but alas, it still suffers from a huge deficit of safe, comfortable and convenient bikeways.

Martin Zimmerman, Charlotte

Trash draws raptors; signs would help

In response to “Signs to protect deer, so why not raptors?” (April 19 Forum):

The writer is executive director of the Carolina Raptor Center.

It is wonderful that someone Forum writer Strummer Edwards’ age is already concerned about conservation.

We treat 1,000 injured raptors each year, over 150 of which have been hit by cars. Most raptors are hunting by roads because litter has brought their prey there. Small mammals love the apple cores and other trash people throw from cars.

Raptors will hunt the same stretch of highway over and over again.

Strummer’s idea of “Raptor Crossing” signs is a great way to protect them.

Jim Warren, Charlotte