Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 04.28.16

Jack Flynn
Jack Flynn

Moms don’t worry me, drug dealers do

In response to “Worried mom hangs on to her American dream” (April 27):

Most people want what is best for Yessica Ochoa. These stories are always very touching.

However, what I worry more about is the thousands of drug dealers and gang members coming into this country.

What most Americans want is for the border to be sealed as best as possible so we know who is coming into the country and why.

Then we can bring in those needed for work, etc., in an orderly way.

Crime by illegal immigrants is a major cost to this country and devastating to families hurt by them.

Dick Meyer, Charlotte

Latino workers are under-appreciated

I may be somewhat partial to this Latino cause for I have had the great privilege of spending 45 years of my life working and for long periods living in Latin America.

I know first-hand who these people are, how they live and how hard they work – when work is to be had. There are few, if any, individuals in this country who work any harder than Latinos living and working here now.

It is long past the time for us Americans to recognize and appreciate the millions of Latino immigrants living here as the good people they are who add vast amounts of value to our daily lives.

Bernie Hargadon, Charlotte

Real intent of HB2 wasn’t to ‘protect’

During the time that HB2 has been “protecting” our women and girls, there have been reports of two teachers, an assistant principal, several ministers, and a former Republican Speaker of the U.S. House charged with sexual acts against children.

Now if I were a state representative, like Dan Bishop who sponsored HB2, I might start looking at protecting our women and children from the heterosexuals who have been appearing on the police blotter for child sexual assault.

But then again, that wouldn’t fit his narrative, would it?

Jack Flynn, Charlotte

It’s PayPal that is harming our country

PayPal says that Gov. Pat McCrory and the N.C. legislature are trying to take our country backwards and that it does not want to do business in North Carolina! It is they who are trying to take our country backward.

Anna-Louise Fitzgerald, Charlotte

White privilege class a powerful local tool

In response to “Churches hold classes to discuss white privilege” (April 23):

The writer is on the Mecklenburg Ministries board.

For years MeckMin, Charlotte’s interfaith network, offered a “Souls of White Folks” program which helped white clergy and lay people recognize unacknowledged privileges they enjoy because of their skin color.

These classes are no longer offered, but the curriculum is still available on the website.

Interfaith collaboration is a powerful tool for bringing people together to deal with divisive issues such as white privilege. It has helped our community avoid violence after provocative incidents.

Ruth Wells, Charlotte

Waiting for Rams Club to speak up

In response to “NCAA releases revised UNC probe charges” (April 26):

Predictably, the UNC women’s basketball team draws retribution while football walks happily away from scandal.

One wonders, is there a small portion of the Rams Club that recoils from this? Is there at least one booster who will publicly repent and say “we-a culpa”?

Do we want to become a football factory?

Steve Craig, Charlotte

Ballantyne needs a bigger post office

One of the fastest growing parts of town is south Charlotte, specifically Ballantyne.

Public services are challenged to keep pace. For example, the small Ballantyne post office branch was built when the area was just catching on. Now, it’s woefully small versus its daily demands.

This branch should be enlarged so it can keep up with what everyone needs.

Jon Schuller, Charlotte

Hey vandal, hands off my Hillary magnet!

To the person in the Carolina Place mall parking lot who tore my Hillary Clinton magnet in half and left part of it on my driver’s side door, I say:

Perhaps you are so ignorant you do not realize that in the U.S. people are entitled to have differing political opinions.

If you can’t live with that, you might consider moving to one of the many countries where your behavior would be expected.

By the way, a little tape made it as good as new.

E.T. Shafer, Charlotte