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Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 05.02.16

Laura Reich
Laura Reich

Statewide HB2 vote a waste of tax dollars

In response to “Voter referendum on House Bill 2 possible” (April 28) and related articles:

The General Assembly has gotten North Carolina into another mess with House Bill 2.

Now, the party of fiscal conservatives wants to put the bill to a vote in November – another waste of taxpayer money, as was Amendment One.

The HB2 law, like Amendment One, is unconstitutional.

Let’s save the taxpayers money and just wait for the courts to decide.

Laura Reich, Matthews

Some due diligence needed on ordinance

It would be better to rescind House Bill 2 and place an 18-month moratorium on the proposed Charlotte ordinance.

During this period, the governor/legislature can review similar ordinances in other cities to see if there are truly systemic issues with the use of public bathrooms.

If none are found, allow the local ordinance to take effect.

Mark Mazzoni, Charlotte

Don’t count baby boomers out yet

In response to “Millennials have surpassed baby boomers to become America’s largest living generation” (April 26):

Yes, because of age, the number of baby boomers has declined.

But don’t count us out on moral issues and common sense. We are still strong enough in numbers and wisdom to make correct decisions, something that’s missing in our current decision makers.

For the most part, we are ashamed of the deterioration of this great USA over the last eight years or so and the so-called “leaders” who allowed it or bowed down to it.

Baby boomers will have a voice, loud and clear.

Claude Dill, Concord

Spend on police, not to spiff up streetcars

In response to “Streetcars getting serious makeover” (April 28):

Charlotte City Council seems to have more interest in throwing money at expensive luxuries than making the city safe.

Somehow funding is not a problem when they want to blow $33 million on a streetcar makeover, not to mention the previous millions for Bank of America stadium and Time-Warner arena upgrades, etc.

But when the city desperately needs to hire more police officers and firefighters, adequate funding is nowhere to be found.

Instead, what we get is the threat of a property tax increase to pay for what should be essential.

Ron Brendle, Charlotte

Eastland perfect for village of tiny homes

Homeless. Low-income. Veterans. I don’t remember seeing discussion about tiny homes/tiny communities for these groups.

Why not?

A quick search reveals many efforts around the country – Dignity Village in Portland, Community First! in Austin, Veterans Outreach in Racine, Wisc., etc.

So, let’s use Eastland Mall as a starter site!

Get The Salvation Army, Urban Ministries, and appropriate city/county offices together to find out why this idea would not be worthy of consideration for our great town.

Coy Powell, Charlotte

Keep up the dialogue on marriage equality

In response to “10 things on faith groups and same-sex marriage” (April 28):

The writer is director of DignityUSA, a national LGBT advocacy group.

I’d like to raise an additional level of nuance in this discussion. A denominational policy is not necessarily supported by all adherents of a faith.

In my own tradition of Roman Catholicism, over 60 percent of American Catholics support same-sex marriage according to a 2015 Public Religion Research Institute national survey, despite the well-known opposition of Church leadership.

This discussion is important, as it impacts public policy, family life, and how we interact with one another in our communities.

Thank you for recognizing that people of faith have a range of perspectives, and for framing it in a way that promotes ongoing dialogue.

Marianne Duddy-Burke, Medford, Mass.

Articles on voting, HB2, election are vital

I would like to thank the Observer for putting out the information on HB2, the electoral college, procedures to vote, and all the other citizen education it has printed.

I do not know where I would go to get this kind of information even if I knew I should have this information.

As far as I am concerned the word in print is vital to every citizen in our city, state and country.

Mary Ann Evanoff, Midland