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Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 05.04.16

Traci Cockerham
Traci Cockerham

Families cut budgets; city should do same

In response to “Small increase in property tax proposed to add more police” (May 3):

When I need to pay for something for my family, I cut out spending and save for the need.

My suggestion to City Council is to cut some of their own spending before shoving the burden on the taxpayers, again.

Taxpayers have already anted up twice in three years.

Elected officials need to step up to the plate and find a way to pay for public safety by trimming the fat in their budget.

Traci Cockerham, Charlotte

Growth comes back to bite taxpayers

It seems all cities want more residents to increase their tax base, yet when the population grows the extra taxes are not enough to pay for additional police, firefighters, schools, water and sewer, and other required services.

Then, those who have called that city home for many years pay higher taxes to support problems caused by short-sighted decisions made by the city.

I watched as this same thing happened to South Florida. It is now a paradise that has been lost forever.

It is really a shame to see the same thing happening here.

Terry Gardner, Huntersville

Quality CMS magnets will draw parents

CMS officials say they would like to focus on adding magnet schools.

This is a great idea and will appeal to parents of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.

Parents will allow their children to attend schools where quality education and attractive curricula are taught. Remember how diverse Piedmont Open Middle was even though it was adjacent to the Piedmont Courts public housing complex?

Creating quality schools and equal education are the No. 1 priorities.

Marjorie Parker, Charlotte

Many thoughtful people support HB2

In response to “Releasing the wolves of hate all over again” (May 1 Opinion):

If we are to settle differences in public policy amicably, we have to discuss those differences in a spirit of mutual respect.

For example, there are many thoughtful people who support HB2, not out of hatred for anyone, but out of deep concern for traditional morality and religious faith.

If some are painted as unthinking “haters” in a newspaper that prides itself as a supporter of the democratic process, the Observer makes a civil and lasting resolution of this issue impossible.

Mike Tuggle, Charlotte

Article humanized HB2 law and Liam

In response to “Becoming Liam: The journey of a transgender man and HB2” (May 1):

Thank you for publishing the article on Liam, for humanizing the story, and educating our community.

Ann Ross, Charlotte

Legislature targeted innocent group

If N.C. lawmakers really want to give women and children safety and privacy, why focus on such a small group – the transgender community.

LGBT individuals have no history of preying on women or children.

What about groups known to have engaged in abuse: priests, scout leaders, coaches and politicians? If former Speaker Dennis Hastert had been prohibited from entering a locker room with young boys, they might not have been molested and he might not be spending 15 months in prison.

I am definitely not advocating for more ridiculous bathroom bills, but HB2 targeted an innocent segment of society that did not need additional discrimination, certainly not from our state legislators.

Lee Leggett, Charlotte

Growing population is elephant in the room

In response to “Why aren’t we acting on climate change?” (April 30 Opinion):

Physicist Mark Buchanan’s thoughtful analysis carefully steps around the elephant in the parlor.

Dr. Buchanan, there are just too many of us.

We wring our hands over the deterioration of our planet, but our numbers continue to mushroom.

When are we going to acknowledge this elephant and start to deal with it?

Ted Lucas, Charlotte

Let Sheltra’s death be a reminder to all

In response to “Fatal Pineville fire” (May 3):

The writer is a former volunteer firefighter.

It’s hard to capture the loss of someone who enters into harm’s way to save a life or save a community from damage.

These protectors of society should hold a very special place for all of us.

Firefighter Richard Sheltra gave his all to what he did. Too many of us take people like him as a given in our society.

Geoffrey Fine, Huntersville