Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 05.05.16

David Flander
David Flander

Give me government closest to the people

Legislators who voted for HB 2 would tell you they are against many federal laws dictated to the states because states are closer to the people they govern, therefore better at deciding what is best for their citizens.

When legislators passed HB 2, overriding a Charlotte law, they were doing to a city what they dislike about the federal government – mandating from afar.

State legislators should let city governments like Charlotte decide what’s best for the people closest to them.

David Flander, Asheville

I will hold my nose and vote for Trump

In response to “GOP leaders finally backing Trump” (May 3 Forum):

Like other Trump supporters, young Trigg Cherry is looking at “The Donald” through rose-colored glasses and seeing something that is not there.

Trump is not a small government conservative. His history and past actions prove that. He certainly is not as conservative as Mitt Romney, John McCain and Bob Dole.

The sad thing is that with all the fine Republican conservatives – governors and senators etc. – we have in the party, we are left with Donald Trump. But I will hold my nose and vote for him if he is the nominee.

Elton Shoemaker, Charlotte

GOP establishment just doesn’t get it

In response to “Carolinas Republicans torn as Trump nomination looms” (May 2):

And people wonder why the current election season is not your typical dog-and-pony show…

Richard Vinroot and all the “prominent Republicans in the Carolinas” – aka establishment – can’t seem to accept responsibility for the rise of Donald Trump and others who don’t meet their standards.

They fail to believe the voters are way past tired of their standards benefiting their own and not getting things done for all of us.

Floyd Prophet, Kannapolis

A choice between the fire or frying pan

Unless an indictment falls like a meteor upon one of our chosen candidates, Americans will have to decide between Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

If this becomes the probable choice, some people have threatened to stay home and not vote, while others say they will move to another country.

I for one will carefully listen to what each candidate promises and then diligently cast my vote for the “fire or the frying pan.”

May God help us all!

Barry Marshall, Charlotte

Sure, water is cheap, until you add the fees

In response to “Higher water, sewer fees would cost more than tax hike” (May 3):

Sure, $1 can buy about 270 gallons of water. However, when you add taxes and sewer and availability fees, the price is closer to $5.

John A. Marszalek, Charlotte

A tax increase amid this building boom?

In response to “Small increase in property tax proposed to add more police” (May 3):

Added tax revenue from new construction of apartments, condos and houses last year should have added enough new taxes to fund 50 CMPD officers and 25 support staff. Where do all the taxes go?

Just wait until the massive construction at I-485 and Providence is complete and adds hundreds of thousands of dollars to the tax rolls.

In addition to adding officers, I’m hoping they might even be able to build a school!

Roy Brown, Charlotte

Yes, make Charlotte more like Denver

In response to Our View “Denver shows regional transit value” (May 4):

Uptown Charlotte is so close to being Denveresque. If only College, Church and Tryon streets were car-free. Let’s make that the next step after the Blue Line extension and Gold Line are done!

Bolyn McClung, Pineville

Raves and 1 rant for Charlotte Knights

We recently visited the Charlotte Knights and enjoyed a wonderful ballgame and a night out in downtown Charlotte.

As a Salisbury resident – a 45-minute trip – it was nice to park close for a reasonable price, and the ticket price and game experience was fantastic.

As a father of three sons, I anticipated a certain level of expense for food and treats. What I did not expect was paying $4 for a cup of water – $20 for our family of 5.

Come on Knights, that’s a little pricey for tap water!

Other than that, I would recommend it for everyone in the Charlotte region.

Daniel Morrow, Salisbury