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Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 05.09.16

Chris Turner
Chris Turner

Constitution protects all, not just some

The Rev. Mark Creech of Christian Action League of N.C. wrote Friday on Facebook: “At the hands of his henchmen in the U.S. Department of Justice, King Obama has delivered his message of intimidation to the state of North Carolina.”

It should have read: “At the hands of his henchmen (the N.C. Legislature), King McCrory has delivered his message of intimidation to the City of Charlotte.”

Is there any N.C. Republican representative who understands the Constitution and the protections it affords all citizens?

Chris Turner, Charlotte

Don’t compromise on bathroom part of bill

In response to “U.S. Justice Department: HB2 violates Civil Rights Act” (May 5):

The Department of Injustice opposes HB2, no surprise in light of past decisions by the Obama regime.

I do not agree with every provision in HB2, particularly those involving state employees, but the bathroom issue is without compromise.

The social engineering efforts of Jennifer Roberts and her cronies, supported by the radical Hollywood element, will never succeed in this state.

David Ramsey, Mooresville

Stop poking the hornet’s nest

How long has it been since Gen. Cornwallis christened Charlotte “a hornet’s nest of rebellion”?

It seems like after 236 years the folks in Raleigh, including Gov. McCrory, would realize that if you roil a hornet’s nest you’re going to get stung.

It’s time to go with the flow and put this HB2 issue to rest. Let Charlotte get back to business.

James E. Meyer, Charlotte

TSA mismanagement to blame at airport

In response to “600 passengers miss flights a day in Charlotte” (May 4):

The TSA blames the traveling public for security delays at Charlotte’s airport – too many people want to travel and it’s their fault.

Recruiting and training agents, inefficient planning for overtime, and inability to retrain qualified agents are all management issues.

TSA is not up to the task of getting the flying public on airplanes. I don’t expect any help from Homeland Security either.

We need presidential or congressional action to correct this management problem.

Steve Ugolini, Shelby

Wanted: Someone to rein in spending

Am I the only one who sees the irony in Charlotte officials claiming one day that the city absolutely must spend $33 million of hard-earned taxpayer money because the streetcars aren’t fancy enough, and a few days later that it has no choice but to hit up the taxpayers for additional property taxes because that is the only way to hire more police officers?

Are there any responsible officials in our city government? Is there anyone out there who will lean on the mayor and City Council to stop this madness?

Chris Scheurer, Charlotte

My prescription: ‘Medicare for All’

In response to “2,000 doctors share Sanders’ ideas” (May 6):

Having had a medical practice in Charlotte for 31 years, I know a single-payer “Medicare for All” system is a necessity – at least as an available option any person could choose.

All healthcare personnel know the health insurance industry has become the most expensive and intrusive component to our current system.

George Dornblazer, Charlotte

All views should be welcome on campus

Jason Riley, a conservative African-American Wall Street Journal columnist, was recently disinvited to speak at Virginia Tech.

He was told the university feared protests. After negative publicity, he was reinvited.

College was once a place to explore varied ideas and views. Why do students now need “safe zones” so they don’t have to hear opinions contrary to their own?

Universities are no longer institutions of higher learning if all people and views aren’t welcomed.

Joyce McLaren, Terrell

My crack at VP options for Hillary

In response to “Donald Trump’s running mate? Here are 22 possibilities” (May 5):

A few possible running mates for Hillary Clinton:

If she wants to double down: Elizabeth Warren

If she wants to address dismal poll numbers: Bill Clinton

If she wants a Washington insider: Harry Reid

If she wants an outsider ticket: Bernie Sanders

If she wants to unite the Democratic party: Joe Biden

If she wants a celebrity wild card: George Clooney

If she wants someone who might actually say yes: Martin O’Malley

Don Marple, Charlotte