Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 05.11.16

‘Small’ government a big headache for me

First, my taxes increased two years ago with a supposed tax cut. Now, thanks to HB 2, I’m experiencing canceled bookings for my small personal business. Next will likely be another “tax cut” to cover this costly reelection stunt and our state’s ongoing self-inflicted loss in revenue.

Funding this “small government, regulation-reducing, party of business” is expensive! In return I’m supposed to appreciate the “common sense” HB 2? Not. One. Bit.

Kelly Scherer, Charlotte

N.C. threatened by federal agenda

So the DOJ is now acting as a law maker and issuing threats. We are now being threatened with the withdrawal of billions of dollars of funding if HB 2 is not repealed.

The outcome will be litigated in the courts and should the DOJ prevail, the legislature in North Carolina should withhold sending tax dollars to the federal government. Why would we want to provide tax dollars to the federal government, which is used to threaten us to further the feds’ agenda?

Ed Cortez, Cornelius

No need to resurrect Fairness Doctrine

In response to “GOP must shoot its own dog (not Trump)” (May 8 Viewpoint):

Jim Hefner cries that the 1949 Fairness Doctrine that in 1987 ceased to be enforced should be resurrected. Surely he jests! An argument could be made in 1949 that there were few outlets available to get a message out. We are now well into the 21st century and the marketplace is wide open for all viewpoints.

If Hefner is sincere about having both sides present their ideas, then let’s look at the old-line print and television news, the popular entertainment culture and our government schools and universities. That would be refreshing if both sides were heard equally.

Robert E. Cassell, Jr, Charlotte

FOX, more than radio, led to ills

In his condemnation of conservative talk radio, Jim Hefner ironically states that in order for media companies to get a license, they should have to be “ ‘fair and balanced,’ borrowing the FOX News slogan.”

What Mr. Hefner could have said was that FOX “News” has probably been even more responsible than talk radio for hooking Republicans on the delusions of demagoguery.

I certainly agree with Mr. Hefner that it is time for Republicans to shoot their own dog. But he should have acknowledged that FOX News has been the most effective carrier of the rabies he wants to kill.

Greg Carr, Cornelius

Is this the attitude Trump will bring?

In response to “Tow truck driver leaves Bernie Sanders supporter stranded” (May 5):

I was truly disturbed but not surprised when I read the article about a Trump supporter leaving a woman stranded on the side of the road because of her Bernie Sanders bumper sticker.

Regardless of this woman’s political choice, I remember a time when a man would never leave a stranded woman on the side of the road. I would be ashamed!

I fear for our country if Donald Trump is elected; this attitude would become the norm and that was not what this country was built on.

Meg Newton, Charlotte

Rather have driver nap while parked

In response to “Trooper: Driver in I-77 potato spill feared ticket if he pulled over to sleep” (May 6):

If a truck driver is feeling sleepy – or unwell – wouldn’t we all rather he pulled over and took a nap, rather than driving a huge vehicle unsafely on the highway?

I would have thought the Highway Patrol would support this, rather than give tickets out.

Gautam Bose, Charlotte

Martin gets an F for inconsistent grading

In response to “What it will take for Trump to get my vote” (May 7 For the Record):

Former Gov. Jim Martin’s editorial detailing all the changes Trump would have to make to earn his vote was nothing more than an exercise in political apologetics. Is our former governor so naive as to think that Trump is even capable of changing into someone other than the person we’ve come to know from our daily exposure to him over the last seven months?

Further, is the governor, himself a former college-level educator, unable to see the irony in giving Clinton a failing grade on character grounds while on the same test giving Trump passing marks despite the obvious fraud of Trump University?

Geoffrey A. Planer, Gastonia