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Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 05.12.16

Morry Alter
Morry Alter

McCrory circling the drain of infamy

In response to “Dueling HB2 lawsuits filed” (May 10) and related articles:

I have a vision of Gov. Pat McCrory circling the drain of infamy to be dumped upon the trash heap of discredited leaders, remembered as North Carolina’s George Wallace.

Sadly the actions of McCrory and the ultra-conservative legislators, with whom he has become enamored and by whom been manipulated, may well take North Carolina down the same sewer where our state name might more accurately read “North Alabama.”

So very sad. Pat, it seems we hardly knew ya.

Morry Alter, Charlotte

Obama advancing his social agenda

This is not the first time that President Obama has overstepped the bounds of his office and abused his power to advance his social agenda.

But using his so-called “Department of Justice” as a weapon to bully North Carolina into bowing to his demands is outrageous.

Using the children of North Carolina as pawns is downright evil.

Catherine Stout, Indian Trail

McCrory and election season amnesia

In vetoing the proposed ban on same-sex marriage, our governor was quoted as saying, “We are a nation and a state of laws.”

He was on target; that ban, passed over his veto, was invalidated by our courts as violating Constitutional guarantees.

That same governor has now sued the U.S. in support of a bill that transparently left people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender unprotected by those same guarantees.

Is our governor suffering from election season induced amnesia?

E. Osborne Ayscue Jr., Charlotte

Too many unknowns about Trump for me

Donald Trump and the Affordable Care Act have something big in common.

We would have to vote for Trump to find out what’s in him, just as Nancy Pelosi told us about Obamacare.

No thanks.

Peter Floyd, Charlotte

GOP elite must get on Trump train

I sit dumbfounded as Republican elites do what they accuse Trump of doing, tearing the party apart and giving Hillary Clinton and gang the chance to take all three branches.

They will huff and puff and try to tear down the Trump Towers.

Are you so intoxicated with the exuberance of your own verbosity that you miss the whole point? The American people are telling you loud and clear “we pick him over any of you.”

So get over it, and help beat the real competition – Clinton and the Democrats.

Murray Coulter, Charlotte

City support needed to cancel toll contract

State and local governments can’t have it both ways:

You can’t expand the freight hub at the airport without adding trucking lanes to I-77.

You can’t spend all of the transportation money on trains and streetcars, again, and leave North Mecklenburg and Iredell counties with the same two interstate lanes since they were built – and no widened alternative side roads north and south.

And Charlotte, be a better neighbor and support House Bill 954 to cancel the Cintra contract! Our good or bad future together depends on it.

Anette Powell, Cornelius

Electronic records improved healthcare

In response to “Tired doctors? They’ve never had it better” (May 10 Opinion):

Thank you, Dr. John Scherr, for your thoughtful response to Dr. Carmen Teague’s piece citing unhappiness with the electronic medical record.

My primary care physician uses the EMR and it has made my visits with him more productive for both of us.

I recall the days when important health decisions had to be delayed for days or weeks because the needed information was buried in a medical lab report or X-ray film hidden away in some remote location.

Those days are mostly gone and my health care is the better for it.

William A. Short, Charlotte

Look around, pols; see the diversity

My daughter gave me a book for Mother’s Day, “Humans of New York” by Brandon Stanton.

I wish that all politicians would look at this book and see the variety of people on the street versus those in glass towers.

Try sitting on a bench in the towns where you live and see the diversity of people.

The one picture in the book that seems out of place is of men on Wall Street.

Palmyra Moore, Cheraw, S.C.