Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 05.13.16

Ed Carlson
Ed Carlson

Time to resurrect idea of a payroll tax

As Mecklenburg County continues to seek revenue to fund basic operational needs, now is an opportune time to revisit the age-old “payroll” tax on those who enjoy the jobs, entertainment facilities and infrastructure but live outside the county.

It is only fair that those who benefit from the above should share in these costs.

It could even result in a lowering of property taxes for Mecklenburg residents.

Ed Carlson, Charlotte

Keep health care from bankrupting us

In response to “Obamacare is flawed, but there is a solution” (May 6 Opinion) and “My prescription: ‘Medicare for All’ ” (May 9 Forum):

Bravo, Drs. Jessica Schorr Saxe and George Dornblazer for advocating a single-payer “Medicare for All” system. If all doctors would join you, our legislative bodies would have to pay attention.

Here’s what must be done to keep health care costs from bankrupting this country while still providing quality care:

▪ Eliminate the insurance companies

▪ Ensure there are public, nonprofit hospitals available in all communities.

▪ Reduce costs, starting with exec pay at hospitals.

▪ Make drug companies truly competitive.

▪ Tax Medicare benefits for those who can afford it, and make sure every patient has skin in the game.

▪ Address astronomical end of life care costs.

If we do all that, then I – a retired attorney who represented more plaintiffs than defendants in medical malpractice cases – will be the first to advocate reasonable tort reform.

Tom Caldwell, Charlotte

Quit fundraising and get back to work

I am distressed at the recent “60 Minutes” unmasking of egregious “theft of time” tactics employed by both political parties.

Members of Congress now spend 30 hours per week soliciting funds!

Is there a bill proposed to fight this – immediately, if not sooner? What might the public do to help you and your colleagues get back to the work of running our government?

Please be angry about this; I know I am.

Carolyn Blackburn, Flat Rock

Send gender article to every lawmaker

In response to “Answers to 5 key questions about gender identity” (May 12):

The article about gender identity was very informative. I only wish that it had been published several months ago.

I hope that you can send a copy to all of the state and federal politicians so that they can be more informed about this complicated topic before they make more hasty decisions.

Dean Gross, Waxhaw

McCrory’s demise greatly exaggerated

In response to “McCrory circling the drain of infamy” (May 12 Forum):

Forum writer Morry Alter’s predicted demise of Gov. Pat McCrory reminds me of the radical left’s predicted demise of Ronald Reagan, both Bushes and even Thom Tillis.

Alter’s wishful thinking will fall on the verbal trash heap of all the other misinformed accusers. Thinking it so, don’t make it so.

David Stout Jr., Davidson

HB2 puts life-saving programs at risk

In response to “Dueling HB2 lawsuits filed” (May 10):

Federal funding that supports sexual assault and domestic violence programs across the state is now at risk due to the governor’s refusal to repeal HB2.

These already underfunded programs operate on shoestring budgets offering life-saving services to victims of violence.

Many of us in the community volunteer our time and donate our dollars to support these organizations for the victims and children who desperately need them.

State leaders, you have the opportunity to join us in making North Carolina safer by repealing HB2.

What do you choose?

Jared Yerg, Charlotte

On discrimination, let the market decide

As much as I disagree with HB2, I disagree infinitely more with an overreaching federal government that unconstitutionally forces individual states to not legislate as they see fit.

In my opinion, private business shouldn’t have to subscribe to the Civil Rights Act.

If a business wants to be racist or bigoted, the business has the right to be and let the market dictate what happens thereafter.

Elizabeth Nervegna, Harrisburg


A Forum letter Thursday misstated which bill Gov. Pat McCrory vetoed. He vetoed Senate Bill 2, which allowed magistrates and registers of deeds to opt out of participating in same-sex marriages.