Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 05.15.16

Kris Solow
Kris Solow

Give to CMS schools first, then courts

In response to “Courts want $2.3 million more from the county,” (April 27):

The Mecklenburg County court system wants $2.29 million from county taxpayers to get more prosecutors, clerks, better salaries and overdue technology.

Although the court system needs this facelift, so does Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

If CMS were properly funded, the court system’s load would be lighter because students would be better equipped and ready for college/work upon graduation.

The next flock of students heading to college will eventually be the next flock of CEOs.

Look to the future and put money where it’ll do the most good. It all starts with CMS!

Kris Solow, Charlotte

Trump doesn’t fit GOP mold; that’s OK

In response to “Trump, Ryan try to narrow chasm in GOP” (May 13):

Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan doesn’t get it. Americans don’t care whether Donald Trump is a “true” Republican or not.

Trump’s overwhelming popularity is because he doesn’t fit into the mold that Republicans have cast.

The last Speaker, a “true” Republican, was just sentenced to 15 months in prison for financial crimes related to child molestation.

The economy performs better under a Democratic president. The last thing we need is another “true” Republican.

Michael Mezquida, Charlotte

Trump says what GOP wants to hear

So who is the real Donald Trump?

The one who hates Mexicans, hates Muslims, wants to beat up protesters and abridge the First Amendment?

The guy who keeps racist elements in his pocket?

Or, the one who talks to the Republican Party establishment and says “the things they want to hear,” backtracking his incendiary remarks.

Of course he prides himself in being two-faced. So no one will really know, and that lack of stability is a disqualifier.

And we thought Mitt Romney was an Etch A Sketch.

David W. Gilpin, Charlotte

Focus on real, not imagined, molesters

The truth is women and children are not being molested or abused by the members of the LBGT community using the bathroom of their choice.

The people responsible for these acts are the people we trust the most: spouses, family members, neighbors, teachers, coaches, doctors, clergy, people in positions of authority, etc.

It’s in the news daily.

Where is the outrage and why isn’t this being debated?

Myra D. Ryan, Charlotte

Return to common sense isn’t bigotry

In response to Steve Sack’s Westboro Baptist/Target cartoon (May 12 Opinion):

Since when did common sense become a form of bigotry?

Most parents don’t want their kids sharing bathrooms with a person of the opposite gender.

Most adults aren’t too keen on being forced to share bathrooms with people of the opposite gender either.

All that those who are boycotting Target are demanding is a return to common sense.

Stephen Gilmore, Charlotte

Heed the science on sexual identity

In response to “Answers to 5 key questions about gender identity” (May 12):

Karen Garloch’s piece on the science of human sexuality should have been the first thing published after the HB2 blow-up.

Science is always the place to start because it is our best source for the truth.

Until one has the facts, his opinion is unfounded. This is true of all controversial political issues, whether transgender bathroom rights or raising the minimum wage.

I’m a religious person. I believe that since God gave us a brain, God expects us to use it.

Bob Thomason, Charlotte

What became of Mayor Pat I knew?

For 14 years Mayor McCrory did an excellent job of navigating the city around the rocks and shoals that threatened it.

He successfully and consistently nudged the left and the right toward consensus decisions that resulted in the greater good and a better Charlotte.

But alas, somewhere on the way from Charlotte to Raleigh Mayor Pat stopped to undergo major surgery: the removal of his backbone and judgment.

How sad for Mayor Pat; how sad for Charlotte; how sad for North Carolina.

Dan Laurent, Charlotte