Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 05.16.16

Emmie Alexander
Emmie Alexander

Eliminate college athletic departments

In response to Our View “Cut tuition, but not college budgets” (May 12 Editorial):

The University of North Carolina system could easily reduce expenses by much more than $65 million by getting rid of its athletic departments.

Shutting down the system’s athletic departments would also lower tuition and fees by $700 to $1,000 every year for all students.

For example, UNC Greensboro charges students a yearly $717 athletic fee. Other UNC schools charge similar fees.

Marcus Henry, Reidsville

Schools like ECSU have larger issues

The Observer editorial board, not unlike our elected officials, disappoints in the view expressed regarding Senate Bill 873, which seeks to lower college costs.

The supply and demand for funds is nowhere near as important as the expected and actual results from the use of those funds.

Instead of the absurd and totally unrelated idea of reinstating the estate tax, why not spend the effort of the board to generate ideas to solve the non-financial problems at Elizabeth City State?

A 50 percent reduction in enrollment and an on-time graduation rate of about 20 percent is a disgrace.

Focus on the real problem; it is rarely the money.

Richard Reeves, Charlotte

Respect transgender grandson, all LGBT

In response to “Answers to 5 key questions about gender identity” (May 12):

A heartfelt thank you to Karen Garloch and Observer editors for publishing the facts about gender identity.

My transgender teenage grandson – and all LGBT persons and their families – deserve to be treated with kindness and dignity, and are entitled to protection under the law from those who hate and fear out of ignorance.

Emmie Alexander, Davidson

State’s spending priorities all wrong

The city was told the state would fight the bathroom ordinance, and it did.

Now, the state and feds are suing – all for .03 percent of the population.

Where was this money for lawsuits when the state cut unemployment payments?

The state saved millions – now being spent on the lawsuit and the governor flying around to fight it.

The rich get richer; good job Raleigh. Good-bye, Pat.

Stephen Cummings, Charlotte

Trump’s values align with Democrats

In response to “Trump, Ryan try to narrow chasm in GOP” (May 13):

Now that Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican Party nominee many of his views are not in line with conservative values.

He spent many years as a Democrat and supporting their values, including financial support for Bill and Hillary Clinton.

He even supports Universal Health Care, and recently stated North Carolina messed up by passing HB2.

More and more of his remarks will surface, which will prove he is more aligned with Democratic values.

Kenneth Holder, Mooresville

Easy to see why so many support Trump

It’s quite easy to understand why Donald Trump has overwhelming support throughout the country.

While not a strong admirer, I believe voters have had enough of the Clintons, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, President Obama, political correctness, illegal immigration, the staggering entitlement scenario, pandering to criminals and Wall Street, the powerful Washington lobby, an ineffective government, and the labeling of anyone who is conservative as a mean, old misguided Republican!

A brighter future for this country does not lie in the hands of liberals, who seem to believe it is the right of individuals to exercise their will, even when it’s wrong!

Frank Harrington, Charlotte

I won’t place guns over faith in mankind

When did guns replace faith in each other (or God) for so many?

It would never occur to me to carry a gun to the supermarket because I trust that the people I meet will be benignly indifferent to me.

Some will even go out of their way to hold the door, ask me if I’m finding what I’m looking for, say “good morning.”

I suppose the unthinkable might happen, but am I going to be governed by fear?

Responsible citizens, before I was born, established police and fire departments. I’m grateful I can afford to pay taxes to support them, as they support me. It’s enough.

Fear is not welcome as my companion. You, my fellow countrymen and women, are.

Marilin Campbell, Cornelius