Letters to the Editor

HB2 hits African-American, Latina women in the pocketbook

HB2 hurts wages of black, Latina women

Amidst the HB2 furor, the impact of the law on women, especially women of color like myself, gets lost.

Since more than 6 in 10 minimum wage workers in N.C. are women, denying cities the opportunity to raise the minimum wage disproportionately hurts us.

Since African-American women make 64 cents for every dollar a white man makes and Latinas 54 cents, denying our right to bring employment discrimination lawsuits for equal pay and other discrimination hurts women of color disproportionately.

HB2 is not just a “bathroom bill” and should be repealed.

Jean Busby, Charlotte

Photo of woman in flag hijab offensive

In response to a photo that accompanied “Fear of unknown pops up everywhere” (May 18 Editorial):

As an American and a veteran I am highly offended by the woman using our flag as a hijab.

I have always believed that we should treat our flag with the utmost respect and value rather than just as an article of clothing.

I would hope that the editors of this newspaper do not think this is an appropriate use of the flag.

Ed King, Charlotte

Don’t allow turbines to kill more birds

The Wall Street Journal reported May 15 that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is seeking to extend the exemption for kills of birds from five years to 30, which would allow wind-energy producers to kill as many as 4,200 bald eagles every year.

In 2012 alone, these turbines killed an estimated 880,000 bats and 573,000 birds, including 83,000 raptors.

This insane slaughter of wildlife is all in the name of stopping climate change by an estimated one degree by 2100. Really!

Philip Howerton Jr., Charlotte

Climate change isn’t a political position

In response to “Zip it Mitt, support the people’s choice” (May 18 Forum):

I’m a lifelong conservative, so I find it baffling that people like Forum writer Dickie Benzie believe global warming is a “liberal” position.

CO2 and other greenhouse gases are virtually transparent to incoming shortwave radiation, which hits the earth, causing it to warm and emit a percentage of that energy as longwave infrared radiation.

Unfortunately, greenhouse gases like C02 are not transparent to infrared radiation, so a percentage of that energy bounces back to the earth causing it to warm.

In short, greenhouse gases are causing more energy to come into our planet than leave it.

That is a fact, not a political position.

Tom Spencer, Charlotte

Teaching music could raise algebra scores

In response to “Yes, algebra does help you in daily life” (May 18 Opinion):

The writer is an associate professor of educational leadership at UNCC.

Let’s think outside the Scantron for a moment and compare learning to read words to learning to read music.

Words are sounded out linearly much like most math, one character at a time, left to right.

Reading music involves figuring out pitch simultaneously with rhythm and dynamics (loud or soft).

In the case of keyboard music, it involves multiple pitches with many rhythms and dynamics.

No wonder those kids in music classes are such high performers on standardized tests! Perhaps it’s more music teaching we need in schools to raise those algebra scores.

Rebecca Shore, Charlotte

Not fooled by Adams’ move to Charlotte

U.S. Rep. Alma Adams has represented a portion of Charlotte for the last 18 months.

Suddenly, due to the district being reconfigured, she has a new profound interest in Charlotte. Now that Charlotte voters matter more to her, she’s sending out mailers, robocalls and being more visible. She’s even gone so far as to rent a place here.

What happened to the first 18 months? Where was she then?

You can really learn a lot about a politician during election season.

Doreen Ziolo, Pineville

Relocating shows Adams’ commitment

There is chatter about U.S. Rep. Alma Adams’ move from her long-time home in Greensboro to live in the congressional district she hopes to represent.

As a voter I prefer a representative whose life experience is beyond a single county; with her move comes a wider scope of legislative wisdom.

I view her move as an asset, not a liability.

Jean Stewart Berg, Davidson