Letters to the Editor

N.C. let greedy competitors win against Tesla

John H. Clark
John H. Clark

Greed won, Tesla lost in N.C. decision

In response to “N.C. says Tesla can’t sell cars at Charlotte-area stores” (May 27):

Finally an automaker with the smarts and engineering know-how to produce a stylish electric driven automobile, and the greedy competitors along Independence Boulevard cry foul.

The time has come to reduce emissions.

I, for one, am very disappointed with this greed and the state of North Carolina for allowing it.

Mark Kressler, Midland

Mayor, City Council bungled ordinance

I am dismayed and frustrated by City Council and state legislature actions surrounding LGBT rights and HB2.

However commendable their intentions, the mayor and City Council bungled the anti-discrimination ordinance due to lack of skill in anticipating and dealing with repercussions that now leave Charlotte citizens with fewer rights than before.

I am confident where the arc of justice for all persons is heading – HB2 will not stand.

But I urge the city’s leadership to come to a realistic, effective compromise for the greater good of all, including LBGT persons.

John Xenakis, Charlotte

I support mayor’s opposition on HB2

In response to “The HRC went too far with its ‘anti-LGBT bully’ label” (May 26 Opinion):

I respect the views of Peter St. Onge, but chiding as “cowardly” Mayor Jennifer Roberts and City Council for not defending the Charlotte Chamber against the anti-LGBT bullying charge is most disappointing.

Council heard from many people, including myself, to remain steadfast and not rescind the original ordinance.

The Chamber has its interests – business and money. The mayor and council have as part of their business to ensure protection of all citizens.

Thank you, Mayor Roberts and supportive council members.

John H. Clark, Charlotte

HB2 ill-conceived; provides no safety

Does HB2 really provide safety to women and children in restrooms?

Suppose a mother and young daughter enter a women’s restroom.

Then, a transgender male enters. He is a biological female who dresses and presents himself as male and legally enters.

Does the transgender man worry he’ll be subjected to intrusive interrogation about his biology?

How does the mother know the transgender man is actually harmless and not a biological male predator flouting the law? Does she grab the pepper spray in her purse and rush out with her daughter?

I think both people feel quite uncomfortable, if not threatened, during this encounter.

HB2 was ill-conceived. It should be repealed.

Jim Ragaini, Charlotte

Gergen is right; N.C. is better than this

In response to David Gergen “Get North Carolina off this dangerous path” (May 26):

David Gergen is right. It’s time to stand up and call HB2 what it is: bad legislation that is dearly, and clearly, costing N.C.

I am a Christian. I love Jesus. I have lived in the state for decades.

As Gergen writes, it is time to “take North Carolina back.” We were once a state well-respected throughout the region and country. The truth is this: HB2 is not only costing the state economically, it is morally wrong as well.

Larry Lyon, Cornelius

Stop pushing your politics on graduates

I sure would have been a disappointed graduate at Elon University based on the adapted version of David Gergen’s speech you published.

It was a flat-out opinionated political narrative that had little to do with encouraging graduates on future endeavors. Rather, it had at its core his views about all that is wrong about North Carolina.

It appears he’s not the only one using his commencement address as a political pulpit.

How sad that an address which comes at the culmination of four years (or more) of hard work, which is expected to impart some wisdom and inspiration, is used as a personal address about the speaker’s view on everything that they believe is wrong in the world.

Lisa Kallander, Charlotte

Like doctors, teachers get all the blame

In response to “Patients not doctors, to blame on opioids” (May 26 Forum):

As a retired teacher, I could relate to Nan Bauroth’s Forum letter about blaming doctors.

Substitute “teachers” for “doctors.” Teachers are always to blame, not the parent nor the student.

Failing schools don’t have failing teachers. The teachers I knew for 35 years were hard workers and should be praised for their efforts.

K.H. Paul, Charlotte