Letters to the Editor

A judge with no experience? She won’t get my vote.

Wade Leach
Wade Leach

I won’t vote for judge with no experience

In response to “Talented crop running for Supreme Court” (May 30 Observer Editorial):

The Observer recommends we vote for a woman to sit on the state’s highest court because she is a “perceived” centrist.

She is otherwise a candidate with no judicial experience, which is a fundamental requisite to serve on the N.C. Supreme Court.

A Supreme Court justice should be elected on the basis of education, background, and most importantly, experience.

Incumbent Supreme Court Justice Bob Edmunds exemplifies these. He is the most qualified and experienced of the candidates.

Alice Herald, Charlotte

Pittenger gets high marks as conservative

In response to “Limited choices for newly diverse 9th” (May 31 Observer Editorial):

The writer was a 2013 summer intern for Rep. Robert Pittenger.

You claim “Each of these candidates would be a poor choice to represent the newly diverse 9th District” and that incumbent Robert Pittenger “has strayed from the right” on occasion.

The reality is that Mr. Pittenger has an 89 lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union – a number difficult to achieve had he vacated his conservative principles.

Moreover, the FBI investigation into his company has so far led to nothing, and Pittenger himself asked the House Ethics Committee to confirm that there was no wrongdoing.

Maybe instead of voters of the 9th District deserving better, perhaps it is readers of the editorial page who deserve better.

Wade Leach, Charlotte

Medicare for all a better option

In response to “N.C. health insurers propose ACA rate increases for 2017” (June 1):

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina wants to raise rates 18.8 percent, in part due to a technology system malfunction.

All health insurers have coding problems under the best of circumstances. They also process claims at four to five times the cost of Medicare processing.

Insurers also have shareholder dividends and executive bonuses that Medicare does not have to pay.

Why spend your health-care dollars on insurance when it could go directly to actual health care?

Tom E. Bowers, Charlotte

Trump as final GOP choice scares me

In response to “Trump testy with the media” (June 1):

Donald Trump doesn’t say whatever it takes to get elected, he says whatever it takes to get attention.

That’s kind of interesting and weird in a primary, but downright scary in a general election for the leader of the world’s most powerful country.

He’s like a bridge player who keeps calling trumps whether he has any good cards or not.

William D. Charnock, Charlotte

Left sees Cooper as hero, I see hypocrites

In response to “HB2: On the wrong side of history again” (May 29 Forum):

Selective enforcement of laws by elected officials based on personal beliefs, such as by N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper, violates their oath of office.

Can I follow laws I believe in and ignore those I disagree with?

When Kim Davis in Kentucky refused to issue marriages licenses for same-sex marriages based on personal beliefs, the left was in an uproar.

When Cooper won’t enforce a validly passed piece of legislation based on his personal beliefs, he is a hero! Hypocrisy?

Kim Purcell, Mooresville

Architect Morgan’s impact will live on

In response to “Ron Morgan, architect who dreamed big, dies at 74” (May 31):

Ingenuity. Brilliance. Compassion. Gifted. Dedicated. Joyful. Humble.

The loss of Ron Morgan leaves a tremendous gap for our area and beyond.

Having had the privilege of meeting Ron during an academic STEM conference and touring 100 Gardens, I was forever impacted by his work, ideas and follow-through.

God bless his family and all those who knew him.

Farewell, friend.

Debra Page, Norwood

Ketner obit carries lessons for all

Everyone needs to read, or re-read, the obituary of Food Lion co-founder Ralph Ketner.

I lived in Salisbury for a couple of years in the ’70s and knew a few of the Food Lion millionaires and some of the stories of Mr. Ketner.

But I never knew the full effect of the man.

What a life!

Dennis Jones, Cornelius