Letters to the Editor

Don’t destroy Marshall Park

Please save Second Ward’s Marshall Park

I live on the 19th floor of the Skye condos uptown and enjoy looking at Marshall Park.

I can understand if the ponds and ducks are removed as part of the Brooklyn Village project, however the lovely large shade trees need to remain to give a peaceful setting to the development.

I suggest an area too where children could enjoy running in a fountain and have a picnic under the trees.

Let the Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Commission mandate a 5-acre park similar to Romare Bearden Park.

Linda McKechnie, Charlotte

D.C. reps failed us on CLT control tower

In response to “Airport replacing control tower” (May 31):

Since 2006, Charlotte Douglas International Airport has been trying to get federal approval to replace its long-outdated control tower, at the sixth busiest airport in the U.S.

That it took 10 years to get federal approval and funding for this vital project is clear proof that our local elected representatives in Washington have failed in their responsibility to constituents.

Will it take another 10 years to get a Doppler radar system in our area?

The Charlotte area deserves far better than this.

John Walsh, Charlotte

ACA isn’t operating as promised

In response to “N.C. health insurers propose ACA rate increases for 2017” (June 1):

Remember when we were told costs will go down, everyone will be covered, and you can keep your own doctor?

Nice try Wake Forest Professor Mark Hall, but I doubt your “final catch-up year” theory.

I’m sure many loyal progressives will suggest that as soon as we get the single-payer option our president wants, everything will be great.

Ugh! Will anyone ever learn?

Lou Lagana, Mount Gilead

Trump is wrong about the media

The writer is a former WBT-AM radio host.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump called the media “extremely dishonest.”

The media, made up of newspapers, radio, TV and magazines, have always been the public watchdog.

Granted some go too far right or left, but they are there to help us make decisions.

The media is a good mirror that allows us to look at ourselves from a researched perspective. We need them.

Dictatorships don’t have them.

H.A. Thompson, Charlotte

Trump won’t bow to media and that’s OK

One of the most appealing things about Trump is the fact that he doesn’t kiss the media’s behind.

In the days of anchorman Douglas Edwards and Huntley-Brinkley, the media were content to report the news.

But since the advent of Geraldo and the 24-hour news channels, the media now want to make the news and be the news.

Some folks feel like there is very little difference between watching Fox News or MSNBC or The Three Stooges – they’re all the same.

Ted Holland, Cornelius

It’s Cooper’s job to uphold Constitution

In response to “Left sees Cooper as hero, I see hypocrites” (June 2 Forum):

Forum writer Kim Purcell has it backwards.

Every N.C. state elected official takes an oath that begins with a commitment to “support and maintain the Constitution and laws of the United States.”

The oath goes on to require support for the state and its laws to the extent they are “not inconsistent” with the U.S. Constitution and federal laws.

When N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper concludes he cannot argue in good faith that an N.C. law complies with the supreme law of the land, it is his clear duty to yield to federal requirements.

James Bolin, Charlotte

Charlotte feels like family to this race fan

Thank you Charlotte region for the warmth and hospitality you show visitors. I am fortunate to have seen much of this great country, but have a special love for Charlotte.

From restaurants, hotels and stores, to folks at visitor booths and Charlotte Motor Speedway, you really enjoy your jobs and the people who visit.

As one Speedway employee told me, “Once you’ve visited, you’re not a guest. You’re family.”

So, thanks again to my extended family in Charlotte and the surrounding region.

Robert Reed, Lewiston, Maine