Letters to the Editor

Meck Democratic Party blew it in 12th District

Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith

Democratic Party blew the Dist. 12 race

The Mecklenburg County Democratic Party needs to get its act together.

It lost the U.S. House 12th District seat to someone whose real home is Greensboro because it splintered the vote among too many Mecklenburg candidates.

Between them, Malcolm Graham and Tricia Cotham received over 50 percent of the vote, more than Alma Adams’ 42 percent.

If the Party had run one candidate from Mecklenburg, chances are that a Mecklenburg resident would have won.

How utterly ridiculous – someone from Greensboro representing Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

Thomas Smith, Huntersville

Rookie teacher put a face to crucial issue

In response to “First ecstatic, then discouraged, rookie teacher leaves CMS” (June 9):

Thank you to Ann Doss Helms and Carly Deal for putting a name and face to the huge issue of teacher retention in CMS.

The daunting challenges and unbelievable pressures on teachers must be addressed.

New teachers, motivated and hard-working, leave because of these pressures, not because of money.

As a veteran CMS teacher and grandparent of a CMS student, I grow more and more concerned each day for the future and viability of this system.

Lesley Clark, Matthews

Mitchell family should inspire all

In response to “Quadruplets pushed each other to reach the top of their graduating class” (June 9):

Thursday’s front-page photo of the Mitchell family was the most inspiring one I’ve ever seen in the Observer. All families should aspire to raise their children to reach those lofty goals.

Curt Peters, Charlotte

Make it great; call it Brooklyn Village Park

In response to “Don’t reduce Second Ward’s park space” (June 9 Opinion):

We should be ashamed that Charlotte ranks 95th out of 100 cities in public parks. I propose Marshall Park be made into a highly designed public park called Brooklyn Village Park.

I strongly believe the same should be done with the remaining land at the Eastland Mall site. It would complement the new elementary school.

We have a lot to brag about, but parks for people is not one.

Jim Beatty, Charlotte

Keep park; put MLK statue in better spot

I totally agree with Alicia Roberts that we should keep Marshall Park the size it is. The only change I would recommend is moving the Martin Luther King Jr. statue to a more prominent space. The entire area is a treasure.

Sheila Peltzer, Charlotte

Disturbing to see Ryan knuckle under

The disturbing report on Paul Ryan’s pathetic knuckle-under to Donald Trump omits the ominous reminder that as Speaker of the House, Ryan is immediately behind the vice president in the succession to the presidency.

Come on, Paul – man up, man.

Ted Lucas, Charlotte

Diuguid wrong about Trump supporters

In response to “Trump exposes his own bigotry once again” (June 8 Opinion):

“Backing (Trump) means being OK with racism, sexism, elitism, and bigotry of the worst kind,” is dead wrong, Lewis Diuguid.

I back Donald Trump because a flawed, motor-mouthed Trump beats the lying and Socialist Democrat contenders, the Democrats’ “We the Government” agenda, and the current eloquent but America-destroying occupant of the White House.

Ed Mesko, Charlotte

Sweep out divisive majority in Raleigh

In response to “In divisive era, an effort to talk it out” (June 5 Opinion):

With due respect, Taylor Batten’s editorial is a politically naïve idea.

It is past time for civil conversations around a conference table because the divisiveness in Raleigh promoted by legislative leaders – and Gov. McCrory – will only persist. For a simple reason: the extreme Republican leadership in the legislature is not interested in governing constructively.

There is no moral equivalency between the parties here. Influenced by the agenda of ALEC, the gerrymandered Senate and House are hostile toward balanced solutions to North Carolina’s problems.

The only recourse is to gradually sweep out the Republican majority in the legislature and elect a Democratic governor.

William E. Jackson Jr., Davidson