Letters to the Editor

Cotham took a hard left endorsing Bernie

Philip Van Hoy
Philip Van Hoy

Cotham took a hard left endorsing Bernie

In response to “Superdelegate Cotham endorses Bernie Sanders” (June 9):

Mecklenburg County commissioner Pat Cotham was cashiered from the chairmanship several months ago by fellow Democrats.

A reason was that she was not sufficiently liberal.

She is a superdelegate to the Democrat National Convention and has endorsed Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders.

The Mecklenburg County Democratic Party is the national party in microcosm – hard left.

Philip Van Hoy, Charlotte

My choice? Kasich, or even James Garfield

In response to “For the good of the country, we need new Republican Party” (June 10):

The New Republican Party that Tom Friedman calls for will have a candidate on the ballot in November. I’m going to vote for him and feel good about it.

With that vote I hope to be fighting for the soul of “New” Republican Party.

It’s the “write-in” candidate. My vote will be for Gov. John Kasich, but could be for President James A. Garfield.

Don’t laugh, Garfield would be exactly the kind of president we yearn for.

Neither can win, but at least I can look myself in the mirror Nov. 9.

Tom Cox, Charlotte

I’m watching your campaign spending

In the lead-up to last Tuesday’s election, I created a folder and put in it all the fliers Democratic candidates mailed me and Observer articles about the races.

When I was ready to vote for the 12th District representative, I assessed each candidate’s positive qualifications but eliminated the two whose campaigns had wasted funds by sending me multiple glossy mailings.

I voted for Malcolm Graham.

Elections should not be based on excessive campaign spending.

Constance Kolpitcke, Cornelius

Apathetic nonvoters get off your rear ends

In response to Our View “Even this year, incumbents roll” (June 8 Editorial):

Apathetic nonvoters, including the more than 5 million North Carolinians who stayed home during recent elections, are responsible for the senators and representatives our state has in Congress, a legislative body hardly anyone claims to admire.

They are also responsible for the current N.C. legislature and governor – the people who gave us HB2, a law almost certain to be overturned by federal courts as unconstitutional.

Those millions of North Carolinians who were eligible to vote but couldn’t be bothered, should hang their heads in shame.

They also should mark Nov. 8 on their calendars as a day to get off their rear ends and vote.

But will they?

James Ragsdale, Charlotte

Only smokescreen that I see is Hillary’s

In response to “Email investigation a smokescreen” (June 10 Forum):

Hillary Clinton’s use of personal emails and her private server while conducting official state business is being investigated by the FBI because legitimate questions need to be answered.

The State Department inspector general’s report states there is no evidence she sought or received permission to use a private email account or private server to conduct official business.

It also states that had she asked permission, she would have been refused because it is against department policy.

John Nasir, Mooresville

Include Libertarians in future debates

Many of us don’t like either of the two presumptive candidates for president. There is another choice to consider.

The presidential and vice presidential candidates for the Libertarian party have been successful governors. Ex-governors have made excellent presidents because of their executive experience.

These candidates should be given the opportunity to present their views in the upcoming debate.

Christ Koconis, Charlotte

People want parks not steel towers

In response to “Charlotte is almost dead last in parks” (June 8 Viewpoint):

Surveys over the past 20 years have clearly indicated that parks and green space are top priorities for Charlotte residents.

The citizens, through their taxes, own the Marshall Park land.

We keep pounding out this message to city/county leaders. So, here it is again: What do visitors, locally and globally, remember when they visit any city? It’s not the steel and glass, it’s not the towers, it’s parks and green space!

Want Charlotte to score higher as a city? The answer is not hotels. A 5-plus-acre urban park will do it.

Ernie McLaney, Charlotte