Letters to the Editor

Fuller can’t con me; 43 percent raise is anything but transparent

Perry Hayes
Perry Hayes

‘Transparent,’ my foot; retract that raise

In response to Our View “An appalling 43 percent pay hike” (June 23 Editorial) and related articles:

Commissioners Chair Trevor Fuller uses the word “transparent” in describing the pay raise for Mecklenburg commissioners.

He should use his raise to get a better education and understanding of the words he uses.

It’s called robbing your constituents and then trying to use words and phrases to confuse them.

He is a con-artist, like so many politicians.

The county commission needs to retract that raise. They should volunteer, as opposed to be paid for what little good they do.

Perry Hayes, Cornelius

Voters let politicians get away with it

A pay raise of 43 percent? When was the last time you got a raise of even 20 percent?

No, I’m not talking to you insurance and bank execs who get annual bonuses of hundreds of thousands if you send a few hundred more employees to the unemployment office.

I’m talking to you, the people who do real work.

Did you ever get a raise of even 15 percent?

The politicians do it because they can get away with it. You re-elect them.

Bill Naylor, Charlotte

Trump 2.0 is not going to happen

I find it amazing that conservative politicians are asking/begging Donald Trump to reinvent himself to a more palatable candidate.

Trump is a rich, spoiled 70-year-old man used to always getting his way.

Even if he can magically turn down the rhetoric and become more “presidential” for four months, there is no way he’ll keep being presidential.

Once in power as “dictator-in-chief,” he is guaranteed to revert back to his current unseemly, unacceptable self.

Voters, don’t be fooled by any acting job he tries to do over the next few months.

Jim Gilmore, Cornelius

Don’t dump Trump; voters have spoken

In response to Our View “Republicans should try to block Donald Trump” (June 19 Editorial):

Republican insiders want to dump Donald Trump for a more moderate candidate, similar to how the Democrats’ super delegates fix is in for Hillary Clinton.

So the voters’ vote means nothing?

The elite control everything and millions of Americans would get the shaft on our candidate.

This establishment idea is about as worthless as a hog with a handsaw!

Jim Cherry, Charlotte

Focus should be on keeping terrorists out

In response to “Pressure for gun control ramps up” (June 22):

To a terrorist guns are simply a means to an end – killing the infidels.

Over the centuries they have used box cutters, airplanes, cars, trucks, backpacks, knives, poison gas and anything else they can get their hands on to kill.

When someone who should not be behind the wheel of a car kills several people, do we blame it on the car? No, we blame the operator.

Same with a gun. Someone pulls the trigger; it doesn’t go off by itself.

We need to keep these terrorists out of the country.

Xenophon Koinis, Matthews

Media is being played by the White House

In response to “Under pressure, Obama administration releases full Orlando transcripts” (June 20):

Once again the White House is playing the media for fools.

The Press Secretary’s insistence that the White House played no role in Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s reversal of the Orlando transcript redactions was a clear set up.

It sets the stage for the White House to make the same argument when Lynch announces that Hillary is not being indicted. Josh Earnest can say: “We had no input – just like the Orlando transcripts.”

Donald McIver Jr., Charlotte

Labels like ‘poor’ and ‘immigrant’ feed bias

In response to “YMCA pool safety project aids poor and immigrant kids” (June 20):

Evolve Charlotte! Stop classifying people as “poor” and “immigrants.”

The Charlotte area already has enough explicit and implicit bias contributing to the segregation and discrimination of other people.

The YMCA project, Safety Around Water, is already appropriately named, so eliminate such derogatory words as those used in the headlines. It’s harmful to all!

Jane Bailey, Charlotte