Letters to the Editor

Wish governor showed as much concern for coal ash

Jeff A. Gregory
Jeff A. Gregory

McCrory’s hypocrisy on coal ash infuriates

In response to “McCrory: Do total review at Whitewater Center” (June 28):

So now we hear that Gov. Pat McCrory is concerned about the U.S. National Whitewater Center’s water quality.

Yet, he continues to deny the danger to public health of his former employer, Duke Energy, in coal ash basins.

It’s blatant hypocrisy like this that infuriates the electorate.

Jeff A. Gregory, Charlotte

McCrory I saw was debate winner

In response to “Gov race starts with a flurry” (June 25 Opinion):

The writer is a former Charlotte mayor.

Charlotte Observer Editorial Page Editor Taylor Batten’s account of the gubernatorial debate – in effect Roy Cooper won, Pat McCrory stumbled – was wishful thinking.

I watched the same debate and both men did just fine and made their points.

It certainly was not one in which Pat “staggered to his corner,” as Taylor’s editorial concludes.

Although the audience – mostly Democratic trial lawyers – certainly favored Roy, those with whom I talked afterward thought Pat was much the better debater on that occasion.

Richard Vinroot, Charlotte

Don’t let pols take gun laws to extremes

I want everyone to remember how our politicians work: Give them one law against guns and they will start pushing for more.

Remember smoking?

First it was a no-smoking section in restaurants, then no smoking in the restaurant, then no smoking on the premises.

Now, it’s no smoking in some towns.

Just remember, politicians are not trustworthy in doing anything.

Von Hawkins, Kings Mountain

Domestic violence, guns ruling a lifesaver

Kudos to the U.S. Supreme Court for its ruling this week to keep guns away from those convicted of domestic violence.

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the presence of a firearm in a domestic violence situation increases the risk of homicide by 500 percent.

The Court’s actions are reducing the risks for victims and their children and will save lives.

Thank you!

Karen Parker, Charlotte

These guns belong on battlefield

In response to “Stop lying about automatic weapons” (June 28 Forum):

I am a Vietnam veteran (an Armament Maintenance Officer), and Forum writer Ross Martin is mistaken about the “facts.”

The M-16, aka AR-15, had a semi- and full-automatic selector switch.

A 30-round magazine, used in Vietnam, would be exhausted in less than 3 seconds on full-automatic, versus 30 seconds on semi-automatic.

Also, fully-automatic weapons were made illegal in 1934, not “over 100 years” ago.

Neither writer John Butler nor I are attempting to negate the Second Amendment. We believe AR-15s, now with 100-round magazines, belong on the battlefield, not in a nightclub.

Dale W. Saville, Charlotte

I’m just trying to get uptown on my bike

I’m writing this after another harrowing day of riding my bike to work in uptown Charlotte.

Almost daily I’m driven off the road, nearly hit, subject to profanity and threats, and generally treated as a person with no rights to the road.

I try my best to obey all traffic signs and laws, ride in the bike lane when available, and look for ways not to get hit.

So I ask Charlotte drivers: Do you think this is acceptable behavior? Do you think it makes us a city to admire?

Are you so worried about your little life that no one else matters as you try to get to and from work two minutes faster each day?

Gary McKee, Charlotte

Rational reasons behind ‘dump Trump’

In response to “Don’t dump Trump; voters have spoken” (June 26 Forum):

Forum writer Jim Cherry gets it wrong about the dump Trump movement.

It is not the elites looking for a moderate candidate.

It is Republicans looking for a true small government/social conservative candidate who has real principles and sticks to them – a candidate who understands that the answer to a trade deficit is to unleash the power of American business with lower taxes and less regulation, not trade wars with other countries.

Of course we Republicans must vote for him. We cannot afford four more years of Obama with Hillary Clinton in charge.

Elton Shoemaker, Charlotte