Letters to the Editor

McCrory showed moral will on HB2

Rev. Rick Slate
Rev. Rick Slate

McCrory stood up for Biblical truth

In response to “HB2 costs Charlotte NBA All-Star Game” (July 23):

Thanks be to God we have a governor who has the moral conviction and political will not to be intimidated and bought out by corporate America or fellow politicians.

Gov. Pat McCrory is simply affirming a longstanding Biblical agenda that Jesus himself taught, that “from the beginning of creation God made them male and female” (Mark 10:6).

We can weather any financial loss due to standing on Biblical truth.

What we cannot endure is another step down the slope of moral degradation.

Rev. Rick Slate, Gastonia

Gov. doesn’t speak for this Republican

I am a lifelong Republican. A staunch conservative. And I have opposed HB2 from day one.

It flies in the face of conservatism’s core principles of freedom and self-determination.

Gov. McCrory, please don’t presume to speak on my behalf, or lump me in with the left.

I’m a Christian who recognizes the right side of history when I see it.

I thought you were too. But you’ve embarrassed North Carolina, cost it dearly, and your politically charged and manipulative statement only made it worse.

Can’t you see how similar HB2 is to the subtle bigotry of the ’60s?

Please consider reversing course. You can still secure a positive legacy.

Jim Woodard, Rockingham

NBA pull-out is grandstanding

The NBA’s moving the All-Star Game from Charlotte as a statement over their objection to HB2 is pure grandstanding.

How ridiculous for Commissioner Adam Silver to move one game as some shallow gesture then permit the NBA Hornets to play 41 home games in the same location under the same bill.

Rick Shaffer, Charlotte

I saw no plans or positives at RNC

I have watched Republican conventions for many years. I was a Republican for many years.

I remember conventions where future plans and policies were the main topics of conversation.

This convention was like no other I can remember.

The only plans and policies: Defeat Hillary, “Lock Her Up,” build walls, keep out immigrants, don’t support NATO – not a single positive.

I am now a statistic – a former Republican now registered Independent and a woman who will vote for Hillary.

Shannon Mitchell, Charlotte

I’ll take Trump’s bluster over her lies

In response to “Ryan hopes you’ll take one for the team” (July 20 Opinion):

I am a Duke grad who did pull for Carolina in the championship game, as many ACC fans probably did.

Similarly, I was a Scott Walker supporter who will vote for Donald Trump in November.

Just as Kyrie Irving and Harrison Barnes can “play nicely together” at the Olympics for the benefit of the country, Republicans need to get their act together for the same reason.

It’s easier to look past Trump’s bluster and ego and see his accomplishments and vision than it is to look past Hillary’s lies and scandals and see... what?

Phil Clutts, Harrisburg

Comparisons to 1930s Germany unfair

In response to “How did party of Lincoln slip so low?” (July 21 Forum):

I just do not understand why the Observer allows comparisons of Republicans to Hitler’s 1930s Germany.

You can lean as far left as you are compelled to do, but for some reason you feel compelled to cross the bridge into the unacceptable.

How many Americans have been interned or killed by Republicans? I believe the last internment was during World War II under Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Have you no shame!

Phil Burns, Davidson

Let justice ring for Burks’ victims

In response to “Ponzi architect convicted of fraud” (July 22):

Paul Burks got caught with his hand in the “piggy banks”of his clients.

Burks is no better than the criminal who points a gun at a bank teller.

He lied to and cheated clients who entrusted him with some or all of their life savings.

Kudos to Charlotte attorney Ken Bell for recouping more than $350 million from the top executives.

The federal prosecuting team has done its job. Now hopefully U.S. District Judge Max Cogburn will give all the clients their due justice.

Barbara Bell Kerr, Charlotte