Letters to the Editor

GOP platform calls for HB2-style, second-class citizenship for LGBTQ

Michael Warner
Michael Warner

Don’t be fooled by Trump on LGBTQ

In response to “Trump: ‘Safety will be restored’ ” (July 22):

I listened to Donald Trump’s acceptance speech, and take issue with the statement that “he vowed to protect gays and lesbians from violence and oppression.”

His law-and-order recitation did promise to protect the LGBTQ community from violence – a reference to the Orlando massacre.

What he did not promise was that he would protect the LGBTQ community from oppression.

The GOP platform, engineered and approved by Mr. Trump and his associates, essentially calls for HB2-style second-class citizenship to become the law of the nation.

That distinctly is not protecting the LGBTQ community from oppression.

Michael Warner, Charlotte

Mayor Roberts is to blame on HB2

In response to “HB2 costs Charlotte NBA All-Star Game” (July 22):

Our very liberal mayor said she was deeply disappointed that the governor didn’t overturn HB2.

Did she forget that if she had not opened our ladies bathrooms to men, HB2 would have never existed?

There was no problem in Charlotte until she created one.

Maybe in her ultimate wisdom she can come with a plan to compensate the lost profits to local businesses.

Bobby White, Charlotte

Gov., quit making N.C. look like a joke

Gov. Pat McCrory and the N.C. legislature just keep compounding this snafu.

The analogy to this mistake is the equivalent of shorting a common stock. If the stock goes up enough one has to cover the short or risk losing your investment.

So far our governor has chosen not to cover and cut the loss.

Repeal this legislation and quit making North Carolina look like a joke.

Expand in China, but pull out of N.C.?

Here is the hypocrisy on display in all this: The NBA has recently attempted to expand its market into China, one of the worse abusers of homosexual and transgender people in the world.

Will the NBA commissioner now withdraw his attempts to expand in that homophobic market?

I bet not.

Money is the rule of law for these secularists.

Tony Bonagura, Fort Mill, S.C.

Struggling for right to be treated equally

In response to “Identity politics must end if we want productive talk on race” (July 22 Opinion):

J. Peder Zane couldn’t be more wrong about race and gender rights.

People of non-Caucasian ethnic groups and nontraditional sexual orientation and identity are struggling for the right to be treated like everyone else because they haven’t been treated equally.

The primary assertion of these groups is not, in Zane’s words, “that race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation determine our experience and shape our identity.”

Rather, it is that these attributes should not deprive anyone of basic rights to housing, employment, and freedom from violence.

Members of these groups are sorted into “communities,” not because they want to be apart, but because they have been forced to be apart.

Richard Jacobson, Charlotte

Stop politicizing deaths in Benghazi

In response to “I can’t let Clinton off the hook on Benghazi” (July 21 Forum) and related letters:

First of all, Benghazi was not an embassy! It was a CIA listening post designed to facilitate secret meetings between countries in the region.

Therefore, a strong security force presence would have been a detriment to its mission.

Coupled with that is the fact that Congress had cut $296 million from the State Department security budget, and the fact that then-Secretary Clinton could not call in the military, only request it.

All of that pretty much mitigates her responsibilities in the matter.

I’d also remind you that under George W. Bush 13 embassies and consulates were attacked leaving 60 Americans dead!

To say Clinton ignored cries for help in Benghazi is a shameful attempt to politicize the death of heroic Americans!

William S. Carter, Charlotte

You won’t catch me riding the Trump bus

Step up and ride Trump’s Magic Bus! It emits nasty clouds of smoke and runs on rhetoric.

No one is sure if it passed inspection because media reports say it was condemned by GOP engineers and mechanics for months.

The trip will be a huuuggge success to Somewhere Great. All aboard!

Chip Potts, Mooresville