Letters to the Editor

Liberals force their opinions on us again

Liberals force opinion on us again

In response to “NBA moves All-Star Game out of Charlotte over HB2” (July 21) and other articles:

I welcome HB2 being an issue in a democratic election. It will be a nice contrast to Obama’s idea of rule by fiat. I think the people of N.C. will overwhelmingly reject the NBA, Obama and MJ!

This is typical of the left – jamming down everyone else’s throat their opinion. You want to know why people voted for The Donald? Because this “jamming” has been the norm for the last eight years and they are sick of it.

George G. Rose, Charlotte

HB2 support has a familiar sound

The support for this law is based on two things: An ignorance of what transgender means and a tired, old fear-mongering propaganda of “protecting women and children,” which in this country we’ve heard from politicians and preachers when they fought to keep slavery, fought for Jim Crow laws, fought against the civil rights movement and now against equality for LGBT.

Darryl Hall, Charlotte

NBA had a better route available

The NBA had a golden opportunity to make a bold stand and missed it.

Instead of moving the All-Star game out of a great city, they had other options. Keep the game here and host a LGBT themed event during all-star week as a show of support. Make a donation to a LGBT charity, making the announcement at halftime of the game. Announce league-wide new initiatives focused on inclusivity.

However, the league and Mr. Silver now have to explain how holding exhibitions in Communist China is in line with league values but the All-Star game in Charlotte, USA is not.

Bob Brenk, Concord

Bible shouldn’t drive McCrory’s decisions

In response to “McCrory stood up for Biblical truth” (July 25 Forum):

Rev. Rick Slate is spot on – for anyone who is seeking an office as a pastor or a bishop of a Christian church.

However, the United States is not a theocracy, and Gov. McCrory is a government official who must find his “agenda” not in a Biblical quotation but in our Constitution: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” That is pretty explicit in saying that cannot justify our laws with religious preachings.

Gov. McCrory and our legislators must stop pandering and start governing on the basis of what is right for all of our state’s residents.

Hank Durkin, Charlotte

Why not cancel all ACC events?

In response to “ACC needs to follow NBA lead on HB2 decision” (July 23):

Luke DeCock believes the ACC should move all ACC championship games from N.C. because of HB2. He sites the “political will” of the NBA as his standard. Wow, who knew the NBA was such a standard bearer of moral courage! It wasn’t political courage that motivated the NBA but financial fear. They feared the sponsors would start pulling from events in North Carolina.

HB2 is an unnecessary law, but if we follow Luke’s logic why not cancel all ACC games held in public arenas? Heck, why not all recreational sports played in public-supported facilities?

My goodness, stop the nonsense.

Ron Keane, Mooresville

Where’s the outrage over lake deaths?

In response to “Two adults and a child drown Sunday at Lake Norman State Park” (July 25):

Yet once again three more needlessly died on Lake Norman just this week. Where’s the outrage akin to that of the Whitewater Center? The lakes were constructed for power generation and flood control primarily not recreation and McMansion subdivisions. So where is the outrage to close the lakes and “secure” its shores from potential danger?

John J. Michalski, Gastonia

What I see in Trump and Clinton

In response to “I’ll take Trump’s bluster over her lies” (July 24 Forum):

In response to Phil Clutts’ letter: What do I see?

In Donald, I see a childish bully and demagogue. His accomplishments include a successful “reality” show and building a fortune on top of his father’s, often by cheating others out of their rightful earnings. In Hillary, I see a woman who has spent her life in public service as an advocate for the rights of children, women and families.

I choose to vote for progress and pledge my allegiance to the U.S., not to a fear-mongering tyrant.

Chris Welder, Tega Cay