Letters to the Editor

Governor’s growing disconnect with workers on full display

McCrory displays a growing disconnect

After the NBA pulled the All-Star Game because of HB2, Gov. Pat McCrory said the economic loss to Charlotte was immaterial in relation to the state’s overall economy.

I think workers and business owners in our hospitality industry would hardly consider the loss of $100 million in wages and profits to be immaterial.

Such a statement further highlights the growing disconnect the governor has with the workers of, not only Charlotte, but the state of North Carolina.

Hopefully, come November we will elect a governor and legislature that will lead our state back into the 21st century.

Phil Armstrong, Charlotte

NBA is punishing innocent supporters

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and many other individuals in the entertainment industry are obviously mixing politics with their business.

We in Charlotte are supporting all these different entertainers in music, sports, etc. Silver and others are being inconsiderate of innocent supporters.

Remember the Major League Baseball strike and how long it took to recover? All the boycotters better think this through.

Steve Lamb, Charlotte

Roberts, Cooper share blame on NBA

No matter where your writers choose to place blame for the loss of the NBA All-Star Game, there are two people to blame: Mayor Jennifer Roberts and N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper.

Roberts created a problem where there was none, and Cooper has attempted to take a political advantage from her absurd actions.

Charlotte City Council should also share in the blame for this debacle.

For those decrying the loss of the revenue expected from the game, place the blame squarely on the delicate shoulders of Roberts and Cooper.

Bob Shelley, Monroe

Glad to see Jordan use his influence

In response to “Hornets’ Jordan gives $2 million to build trust between blacks and police” (July 26):

Much praise and applause is owed to Michael Jordan for the things he said about this current epidemic of violence against law enforcement and about blacks being racially profiled and targeted by some police officers.

Jordan is an influential voice, especially in the black community. I hold out hope that his statements will help change a lot of individual’s minds and hearts on these issues.

We are all better than this – as people and as a nation.

Jeff Swanson, Everett, WA

So GOP booed Cruz for not being PC?

Let’s see... The Republicans in Cleveland expressed their disdain for political correctness, but booed Sen. Ted Cruz off the stage for not being politically correct when he refused to endorse Donald Trump.


Owen Butler, Charlotte

Stop spending on bridges to nowhere

Taylor Batten’s July 23 Opinion piece refers to the $19 trillion debt and “an unsustainable path on entitlements such as Social Security and Medicare.” (A glimpse into Donald Trump,” July 23 Opinion)

All of us have paid into these entitlements all our working lives through our taxes.

I read in the July 21 Observer that the federal government is going to pay for $75 million of the streetcar construction costs.

I think the government could pay our Social Security and Medicare benefits if they would stop paying for streetcars and other bridge-to-nowhere projects.

John Alexander, Mint Hill

No money for all that Sanders promises

In response to “Sanders urges fans to rally behind Clinton as DNC heats up” (July 26):

The national debt has more than doubled since President Obama took office.

Without a significant increase in taxes, the debt will spiral even more out of control.

The brunt of the tax increase will fall on middle-income Americans.

Increasing taxes on the wealthy would only be a fraction of what would be needed to cover what Bernie Sanders is proposing.

Christ Koconis, Charlotte

Trump, GOP quick to dismiss Constitution

The Affordable Care Act is not perfect. By refusing to work with President Obama to make it better, Republicans did nothing and showed disregard for the American people.

By refusing to hold a hearing and vote on the president’s nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court, Republicans disregarded the U.S. Constitution.

Should Donald Trump become president, what other parts of the Constitution might Republicans disregard?

Trump said that on the day he is elected he will “restore law and order.” What does that mean? Martial law?

Walter Saville, Charlotte