Letters to the Editor

Absurd to blame Mayor Roberts for HB2 fallout

Ann Watkins
Ann Watkins

Roberts not to blame for fallout on HB2

In response to “Roberts, Cooper share blame on NBA” (July 27 Forum) and related articles:

Blaming Jennifer Roberts for the impacts of HB2 is ludicrous.

Our Charlotte City Council passed a progressive piece of legislation aimed at reducing discrimination.

If the legislature and Gov. Pat McCrory had let this be, business would not have been lost and life would have gone on, just as it did after women were allowed to vote, the Civil Rights Act passed, and gay marriage was legalized.

The state’s action has created the problems.

Ann Watkins, Charlotte

VFW cheers for Trump a disgrace

In response to “VFW cheers Trump, a day after giving Clinton muted reception” (July 27):

Even merely inviting Donald Trump to speak at its convention borders on the unspeakable, but then to read that VFW convention attendees actually cheered on this sociopath, should only be thought of as an embarrassment to our armed forces in general.

As a U.S. Navy veteran myself, I characterize all this as a disgrace – to the country and to veterans everywhere.

Bernie Hargadon, Charlotte

Democratic Party’s cronyism in its DNA

In response to “On convention’s eve, Dem party chair to resign over email leak,” (July 25):

The hypocrisy in the Democratic Party continues with renewed vigor after the recent WikiLeaks email release.

It shows how corruption and cronyism are part of the party DNA.

How can anyone support Hillary Clinton or the DNC if they are so ingrained in not following the voices of their constituents, but rather pushing the person “they” feel should be running?

This unveiling of the true democratic party philosophy should scare even the most fierce Clinton supporters.

Trigg Cherry, Charlotte

Rethink where future Olympics are held

The Rio Olympics are expected to leave Brazil with a financial hangover.

Rather than have world cities fight over who will host the summer and winter games, let’s instead have two permanent sites.

Greece, as the founder of the games, would be the permanent summer host. Switzerland, as a neutral country, would be a logical winter host.

The IOC can well afford to finance superb permanent facilities in both countries.

The crazy competition that currently exists between cities/countries to host the games would end, and that is a good thing.

Dan Laurent, Charlotte

Pokemon Go players disrespect cemetery

No thanks to Pokémon Go for turning our church cemetery into a scavenger hunt destination!

In lieu of the quiet, respectful place of thought, prayer and remembrance, our hallowed grounds have been deluged with thousands of disrespectful self-absorbed fun-seekers.

In 10 minutes, I counted 10 cars entering the grounds, mind you, not the parking lot. To photograph what, a fake image?

We’d love to welcome such enthusiasm on a Sunday morning!

Bill Wood, Huntersville

Link immigration to service in military

I’ve never had qualms with any immigrant or immigration policy until recent years when I find that after a lifetime of work and altruism here, the needs and wants of immigrants come before my own.

Their rights to housing, food, legal protection, right to work, health, etc., seem to supersede my own.

Yet it was our fathers, grandfathers and relatives who fought and died in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, etc. defending the U.S. Constitution, capitalism and democracy to allow those here to live a free, productive life.

I say institute a new policy whereby immigrants can only work in the United States if they first serve four years of active military service for the U.S.

Helen Chasson, Boone

Hillary belonged on front page, not Bill

In response to “Clinton wins historic nod with boost from Sanders” (July 27):

It’s one for the history books. The first woman is nominated as a U.S. presidential candidate from a major party!

Accompanying the front-page article about it is a big photograph of – her husband.

Poorly done, Observer.

Karen Dutton, Harrisburg