Letters to the Editor

Trump best beware of the Russian bear

Terry Taylor-Allen
Terry Taylor-Allen

Careful, Donald, that Russian bear bites

In response to “Trump to Russia: Uncover Clinton’s emails” (July 28) and related articles:

So here we have Donald Trump, aspiring U.S. president, begging for hacker help from Vladimir Putin, master of the Russian bear.

Watch out, Mr. Trump. Bears have sharp teeth, and your bromance with Putin isn’t enough to keep that bear from biting.

Believe me!

Terry Taylor-Allen, Charlotte

Trump’s request not entirely unreasonable

Donald Trump didn’t ask the Russians to further hack Hillary Clinton’s emails.

He asked them, in a tongue-in-cheek way, that if they or someone under their control hacked her emails a year ago, it would be helpful for the 30,000 emails Clinton deleted to see the light of day.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see 30,000 emails about wedding plans and the like that Hillary claimed were destroyed?

It would give her credibility.

On the other hand ...

Bill Wallace, Charlotte

Can’t stomach Trump comments on military

As a veteran, the son of a veteran, and the father of a veteran, I cannot stomach the sheer irresponsibility that Donald Trump has demonstrated toward our military, our laws and our principals.

Treaties? Trump would violate them. Allies? Only if they’re “paid up.”

Laws? Torture, and worse – carpet bomb them and kill their families.

And now? Invite a foreign power to violate our national security.

Politics as usual? No, this man is not fit to serve.

Thomas Helms, Indian Trail

N.C. GOP didn’t get the mission statement

In response to “An old plumb line at the DNC” (July 28 Opinion):

Columnist Carter Wrenn states that the GOP’s mission has been to protect the individual from government.

How have they done since electing a Republican governor, N.C. Senate and House?

They commandeered the Asheville water works, tried to take over Charlotte-Douglas airport, changed Greensboro’s governance without input from the people, and trashed Charlotte’s tree and billboard ordinances.

In practice, it seems the GOP only dislikes government which is not in their hands.

Flo Cobey, Matthews

Freedom of speech key in election year

I detest every single bit of this election except for one thing: The U.S. still stands for freedom.

And at least we can publicly and raucously fight it out on the national, state and local level without fear of being thrown in jail, beheaded or hung.

When I get furious at the Democrats and Republicans and the absolutely inept candidates who were chosen, at least I can express my opinions freely.

I can broadcast them from one end of the USA to the other – without a burqa covering my body or fear of the government trying to silence me.

Mollie Orr Britton, Winston Salem

Mosby overreached in Freddie Gray case

In response to “Individuals, agencies dodge blame as Freddie Gray case ends” (July 28):

Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby’s embarrassing overreach to charge Baltimore officers was simply her pandering for publicity at the expense of our public servants.

When she failed miserably through surrogates in the courtroom, she wanted to blame everyone but herself and suggested the system was rigged.

How cowardly!

David Ramsey, Mooresville

Seeking a moderate amid polarization

In response to “We have met the enemy and...” (July 27 Opinion):

Keith Larson made a point I’ve discussed for the last few presidential elections. It disturbs me that neither of the two old parties can come up with a great candidate.

With the country so divided, confused and mad, it would be a winning strategy to put up a candidate who people actually respect and like – one who appeals to independents and doesn’t cater to the extremes.

Thank God we have Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party to be that moderate candidate who is easy for everyone to like.

Alan Dockery, Newton