Letters to the Editor

City bathroom ordinance tried to fix something that wasn’t broken

City tried to fix law that wasn’t broken

In response to “McCrory: State, NBA had HB2 deal that fell through” (July 29) and related articles:

I would have greatly appreciated it if our Charlotte City Council had controlled their legislative will and kept their nose out of people’s lifestyle.

I don’t believe most transgender persons had a huge problem going to the restroom of their choice before the City Council tried to fix something that wasn’t broken.

The city ordinance they passed needlessly incited people nationwide to action to stop this insanity.

Jim Lashua, Charlotte

Give me less fear, more about fixes

The most fundamental purpose of terrorism is to strike fear into others as they go about their everyday lives.

How, then, is it justifiable to talk about the problem of radical terrorism almost exclusively for four days and then fail to provide an answer? And to use terrorism to create fear as a party platform?

That is an appeal to fear, and not entirely different from the fear terrorists instill in others.

Political discourse must improve across all of American politics.

With no solutions, we are no different than the enemy. We must become more focused on fixing our world.

Jake Sheridan, Charlotte

I question Clinton’s use of ad with kids

All of those statements by Donald Trump included in Hillary Clinton’s commercial were only said by him one time.

Yet her commercial, the one with the children listening to Trump’s words, ran repeatedly last week.

Not that what he said was good, but it is really not good for the Democrats to keep repeating those statements over and over.

It’s sort of childish to stoop like that.

Bill Lane, Polkville

GOP gardeners reap what they sowed

The Poisonous Tree bears dangerous fruit. It was planted, nurtured and watered eight years ago by all of the GOP gardeners.

The fruit on its many branches contain hate, divisiveness, intolerance, xenophobia, racism, fear and obstructionism.

The fruit is being offered by a man who exemplifies everything vile in our country.

Many of those gardeners who helped the tree grow now want no part of it and are distancing themselves from this man.

Jon Schuller, Charlotte

No to Clinton; I don’t vote based on gender

It is ridiculous to endorse or vote for someone simply because of their gender or race.

Hillary Clinton won the nomination largely because she is a woman and the DNC is rabid to have the first woman president on the heels of the first black one.

I am a woman and if we just have to have the first woman president, I would much rather elect someone with integrity and good judgment.

It takes a lot more than what Hillary has done to earn my respect.

Catherine Stout, Indian Trail

Email isn’t secure, we should all know that

In response to “White House spells out handling of cyber breaches” (July 27) and related articles:

I cannot believe people continue to get trapped with embarrassing emails!

How many times does this have to happen before people realize the system is not “secure”?

As the president of Sun Microsystems said years ago: “You have zero privacy anyway. Get over it.”

At my previous company, there were many horror stories about sent or discovered emails. As a result, I never send anything in an email that I am not willing for the whole world to read.

If you want privacy, write it out on paper, stick it in an envelope, put a stamp on it, and mail it. Never heard of the USPS system being hacked!

Jim Odendahl, Indian Land, S.C.

Kuechly brought the cool to Cotswold

With all the negative political talk and violence in the news, I’d like to report a really nice moment.

On July 21, Luke Kuechly was filming a CPI Security commercial in my Cotswold neighborhood. The Snapchats spread like wildfire and dozens of neighborhood kids – and moms – convened at the site.

In spite of the 95-degree heat, that young man stood outside, shook the kids’ hands, gave autographs and took dozens of photos and selfies.

We all know Luke is super talented and famous, but he is clearly at heart a nice guy and a terrific role model. Go Panthers!

Marty Griffin, Charlotte