Letters to the Editor

Congress must stop sitting idly by on Trump

Colleen Mosier
Colleen Mosier

Congress must stand up against Trump

The rise of Donald Trump as the leader and presidential nominee of the Republican Party should convince us all that the time for term limits in Congress is now.

It’s hard to imagine that some elected officials in Washington sit idly by and allow this disgraceful, dangerous and provocative behavior because they fear not being re-elected.

The time has passed for them to denounce this charlatan. How these people sleep at night is beyond my comprehension.

Colleen Mosier, Charlotte

We can do better than Hillary Clinton

How true! Hillary Clinton “never, ever quits” – lying.

I have nothing against women in some leadership positions. But, they have to meet a basic requirement, namely moral integrity like Margaret Thatcher or Angela Merkel.

We have them! Let’s find them!

Erich Wruck, Davidson

How I’ll honor the Khans’ courage

In response to “Criticism grows for Trump’s assailing of Muslim vet’s family” (Aug. 1):

Khizr Khan took a courageous stand that until now I was unable or unwilling to risk so I wouldn’t lose friends or alienate relatives who plan to vote for Trump.

Khizr and Ghazala Khan’s sacrifice and their willingness to call out “the Donald” compels the rest of us to speak up to those who support the GOP nominee for partisan political reasons despite his hideous tactics and rhetoric.

Starting now, I plan to honor their courage and son by confronting those who echo the lies and distortions of the Trump campaign.

My “sacrifice” in doing so can never equal that of the Khans.

Mary Englebert, Statesville

Stop using personal loss for political gain

I feel sorry for Mr. and Mrs. Khan over the loss of their son, as I feel sorry for every parent who has lost a daughter or son to the tragedies of war.

However, it is time for both parties to stop using these personal losses for political gain. It is crass beyond words.

The political discourse in the country has become severely maligned.

Thomas Quigley, Charlotte

Thankful for support of 5 Muslim women

In response to “Muslims show solidarity at Masses in France and Italy” (Aug. 1):

On Sunday while attending 11:30 a.m. mass at St. Peter Catholic Church, I was struck by the love and kindness of five Muslim women who attended our service to show their solidarity for our Catholic faith.

It was because of the heinous murder of a Catholic priest in France last week that they felt the need to show their support and love.

These women humble me, my family and our faith community.

We are truly better together as a nation. Thank you.

Jeremy Needham, Charlotte

I don’t see how voter ID discriminates

I can’t understand why people are calling the voter ID law discrimination.

Is it discrimination that I have to show my ID to cash a check at the bank? To use my credit card in a store?

The intent of the voter ID law was to cut down on people being able to vote several times for other people.

It has happened in the past and without the law will happen again.

Kenneth Hubbard, Shelby

A ploy to suppress minority vote in N.C.

“The biggest effect is a loss of confidence in the electoral system and our elections processes,” the executive director of the N.C. Republican Party said of Friday’s court ruling that struck down voter ID.

Sounds plausible until you realize we have no sign of voter fraud here, and we’ve always been confident in our state system.

Oh, and the right to vote is protected by the Constitution, unlike the right to cash a check, board a plane, buy Sudafed, etc., that the governor uses as a comparison.

Voter ID is clearly an ALEC ploy to suppress minority votes.

Linda J. Brooks, Charlotte

Too many Charlotte trees destroyed

It’s really sad to see hundreds of full grown trees ripped out of the ground off Providence Road just south of I-485.

Is this really what Charlotte residents want with all the massive development going on?

I find it very sad that the Charlotte City Council allows this to go on in every part of the city.

We used to be proud of this city with all the trees it had.

Dick Meyer, Charlotte