Letters to the Editor

Election coverage slams Trump, lets Hillary skate

Floyd Prophet
Floyd Prophet

Trump gets slammed while Hillary skates

Everywhere you look the mainstream media is all over Donald Trump. Of course, practically all is negative.

However, Hillary Clinton is protected even as she denies telling a Benghazi mom that her son’s death was due to a video.

Furthermore, Clinton continues her lying by claiming that FBI Director James Comey said she was “truthful” about her emails.

America must not have seen her version of his press conference and congressional testimony.

Floyd Prophet, Kannapolis

Trump’s antics go from bad to worse

Has summer simmered the brains of American voters?

What possible explanation is there for a misanthropic, misogynist individual to be nominated as a presidential candidate?

Donald Trump’s behavior goes from bad to horrible. Who’s next to be insulted?

Mary Heddens, Charlotte

Obama comment on Trump crossed a line

In response to “Trump is ‘unfit,’ Obama says, challenging GOP to end support” (Aug. 2):

The sole role of the president is to serve the American citizens, including Donald Trump.

It is terribly wrong that the POTUS has joined the lynching mob.

Donald Trump might be a stupid person, but at least he isn’t a war criminal. Mr. Trump has never ordered a few hundred drone attacks that killed several thousand completely innocent civilians.

Kenan Porobic, Charlotte

Embrace civility, the greater good for all

In response to “GOP gardeners reap what they sowed” (Aug. 1 Forum):

I was glad to see Forum writer Jon Schuller’s observation in print.

We have arrived at a new low as a civil society!

I have feared this abyss since President Obama was elected.

We still need a two-party system that works for all, without the mob mentality of destroying the other at all costs.

There is no viable alternative to the democracy we profess to want to uphold.

Can we get back to civility and respect for the greater good of all? I can only hope.

Sigrid Gimla, Davidson

Gov. McCrory tries to deflect blame for HB2

In response to “Federal judge has lots of questions about HB2” (Aug. 2):

Gov. Pat McCrory messed up. Now he blames others for his signing a highly discriminatory bill.

The NBA told him what might happen. But Pat does not seem to think for himself, and just does what those in the legislature tell him to do.

HB2 has cost this state millions. Now it is going to cost Pat and other GOP leaders an election.

Robert D. Culbertson, Charlotte

Illegal immigration must be addressed

In response to “How the party of Lincoln lost its way on immigration” (Aug. 3 Opinion):

Professor Jason Silverman never once differentiates between legal and illegal immigrants.

Those of us who recognize the security, cultural, financial and social dangers of an open-borders policy welcome immigrants who go through the proper legal process.

The good professor either fails to understand or refuses to acknowledge that illegal immigration is a huge problem that must be addressed, especially now that we have thousands of Syrian refugees crossing our borders, and the Obama administration has decreed they will be able to access food stamps and other welfare programs compliments of the American taxpayer.

Mac McCall, Taylorsville

Voter ID wrongly targeted one group

In response to “I don’t see how voter ID discriminates” (Aug. 3 Forum):

Most probably Forum writer Kenneth Hubbard has never experienced discrimination. I would put myself in that camp.

North Carolina’s voter ID law placed an undue burden on a targeted group. It is estimated that 11 percent of the populace would have to forgo the right to vote due to the burden of obtaining an ID.

I am old enough to remember poll taxes and other restrictions on targeted groups.

Cashing a check or using a credit card relates to private enterprise and has not been restricted by those in government who want to get a leg up during election time.

Tom Lewis, Charlotte