Letters to the Editor

Clinton – the most scrutinized politician of our time

Galen Luse
Galen Luse

Clinton has faced unmatched scrutiny

In response to “Trump gets slammed while Hillary skates” (Aug. 4 Forum):

Hillary skates, are you serious?

Hillary Clinton is the most investigated, interrogated and scrutinized politician of our time.

If you think more media scrutiny of her will deflect the attention that Donald Trump has bestowed upon himself, single-handedly, you aren’t keeping up.

People already know Hillary Clinton and the events and tragedies that Republicans have turned into spectacles.

Galen Luse, Mint Hill

Trump is the street fighter D.C. needs

In response to “For America’s sake, Donald, drop out now” (Aug. 4 Observer Editorial):

Donald Trump is not your traditional candidate, like John McCain and Mitt Romney.

Republican politicians promised big changes if we gave them control of the House and Senate, then caved on every major vote.

The base voters of our party are just fed up with weaklings and spineless people in Washington.

Donald Trump is a street fighter and just the guy who instead of dropping out may just drop in and clean D.C. up a bit.

Jim Cherry, Charlotte

Attorney General needs to do his job

In response to “N.C. will defend voter ID without Cooper” (Aug. 3):

An Aug. 3 U.S. Supreme Court ruling blocked temporarily a lower court decision against a Virginia transgender bathroom policy, making it clear the HB2 issue is not settled legally.

Until it is, Attorney General Roy Cooper should do his duty and defend the N.C. law in court.

Mr. Cooper’s recent reluctance to defend laws with which he disagrees is unfortunately typical of too many Democratic leaders who simply disobey laws they don’t like – e.g., immigration.

So much for the rule of law.

Steven P. Nesbit, Charlotte

If All-Star Game returns, count me out

In response to “Emails give inside look at Charlotte execs’ efforts to keep NBA All-Star Game” (Aug. 3):

Even Wells Fargo exec David Carroll said “it is very hard for us to use our reputation in defense of the NBA when they are aggressively pursuing franchise and event opportunities in jurisdictions lacking basic LGBT recognition/rights/protections (China).”

The NBA commissioner is a total hypocrite.

He knows he cannot force China to change or make laws favoring the LGBT community, but if he can force a state to change, then he will – or take his ball and go elsewhere.

If the All-Star Game returns in the future, I’ll boycott it.

Robert Elmore, Charlotte

Learn to distinguish rights from privileges

In response to “I don’t see how voter ID discriminates” (Aug. 3 Forum) and related articles:

Let’s stop confusing rights with privilege.

It is your right as a citizen of the United States to vote.

An airline or bank, etc. can make certain demands because that’s their requirement.

Unless you commit an offense that takes away your right to vote, it is your right.

Glenn R. Hall, Indian Trail

Thatcher wasn’t the leader some claim

In response to “We can do better than Hillary Clinton” (Aug. 3 Forum):

I am always dismayed when Americans hold up ex-British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as someone to be admired or emulated, as did Forum writer Erich Wruck.

Thatcher was a disaster of epic proportions for everyone in Britain who wasn’t a greedy financier or developer.

She was ideologically driven, devoid of empathy, and uncaring about the effects of her harsh policies on ordinary working people.

I know. I was there.

David Walters, Charlotte

Work harder to protect more trees

In response to “Too many Charlotte trees destroyed” (Aug. 3):

I too am saddened by the wholesale destruction of the mature trees in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. Not one living tree is left standing when developers begin construction of shopping centers or apartment complexes.

When visiting other areas of our country, mature trees enhance mall parking lots, as well as apartment complexes.

Our tree ordinances must be better enforced.

Nancy Casey, Weddington