Letters to the Editor

How long can GOP go on explaining away Trump?

No end to having to explain away Trump

In response to “Some hear a threat in Trump’s remarks” (Aug. 10):

If Donald Trump wanted to encourage his NRA supporters to vote for him, he should have said that.

Instead, we got a disjointed series of words that could certainly be interpreted as something else.

Once again, Republicans had to explain what he meant.

If he’s elected, how many Republicans will be required to attend meetings with world leaders to explain his remarks?

Rosalie Spaniel, Charlotte

I’ll still take Trump over Clinton’s lies

In response to “GOP experts: Trump uniquely unqualified” (Aug. 10 Observer Editorial):

Saying Donald Trump is “unable or unwilling to separate truth from falsehood” pales in comparison to the volume of unmitigated lies we get from Hillary Clinton.

Our choices are dismal, but I’ll take a boorish patriot over a corrupt, chronic liar every time.

As for the GOP experts, their cowardice is what produced Donald Trump’s presence.

Dickie Benzie, Charlotte

I’ll take Hillary over a dangerous narcissist

Despite this most recent statement by the Republican nominee, prominent Republican elected officials and many others state “I support our nominee.”

Yet, when women state I am voting for Hillary because it is time for a woman in the White House, they are condemned for voting for someone because of their gender.

Which would you prefer, a capable woman or a dangerous narcissist?

Regardless of party, everyone needs to do what’s right for this country when they step into the voting booth.

Chris Turner, Charlotte

All these lawsuits come with a price

Right or wrong, I cannot understand why our governor and legislature will not attempt to find a solution to the HB2 and voter ID legislation, rather than incurring substantial legal expense.

Chances of winning these lawsuits are not good.

Business leaders are not supporting these suits because it is bad for the state’s reputation and future investment. Opportunities are going elsewhere.

Could it be our governor sees his only chance for re-election is to win one of these lawsuits?

The governor and legislature seem to be taking a hard-headed stance to save their political careers, rather than putting what’s best for the state first.

John G. Hadaway, Charlotte

Vans get voters to polls; do same for ID

Anyone who can get to their polling place for every election, or even once every four years to vote for president, can go one time to the DMV to get a photo ID.

Let’s stop the hypocrisy of saying that requiring a photo ID will disenfranchise those who are indeed eligible to vote.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Anyone with the legal right to vote can obtain a photo ID. Those who round up van loads of people to take to the polls to vote would surely be willing to take these people to get a photo ID that would be good for years.

Lorraine Little, Matthews

Trust me, getting ID no piece of cake

I recently took my son to get a replacement driver’s license after he lost his billfold.

We waited one hour and 45 minutes before we had to leave for another appointment.

The second time, we waited two hours and 30 minutes before we got the replacement.

If you don’t think this voter ID law is designed to keep people away from voting, you have another thing coming.

Rodney Black, Crouse

Outraged by the use of solitary in N.C.

In response to “After 13 years in solitary confinement, inmate says ‘I’ve lost my mind’ ” (Aug. 7):

It is absolutely unfathomable that any American prison still uses solitary confinement, especially in such tiny spaces.

If a court doesn’t include isolation as part of a sentence, I don’t understand how it is even legally permissible.

And 2,500 in solitary in North Carolina! Outrageous.

It looks to me like Jason Swain should have gone to a mental unit or hospital a long time ago.

Why, under all that is holy, is he denied visits from his mother?

Thanks for shining a light on this tragedy.

Barry Wohl, Charlotte