Letters to the Editor

Trump makes ‘Lyin’ Ted’ look like an altar boy

Arnie Grieves
Arnie Grieves

Trump makes Cruz look like an altar boy

In response to “GOP must get behind Trump and mold him” (Aug. 10 Forum):

Donald Trump “speaks honestly”?

The entire Forum could be filled with the lies that Trump has told during his campaign and there still wouldn’t be enough room.

Do an internet search for fact-checking Trump and you will find that the person who labeled Ted Cruz as “Lyin’ Ted” actually makes the senator from Texas look like an altar boy.

Arnie Grieves, Charlotte

Some in GOP put country over party

It is distressing to hear so many Republican leaders urging Donald Trump to “stay on message,” as if that is the problem.

No one urges a domestic abuser to limit his abuse to places on the body where the bruises won’t show.

Staying on message will do nothing to diminish the threat that a Trump presidency would pose for this country and the world.

Kudos to Republican leaders who recognize this and put country over party.

Candy Furr, Charlotte

Disgusted by column about Trump, Duke

In response to “Vote for the crook. It’s important.” (Aug. 11 Opinion):

The op-ed column by Ralph Milligan was disgusting.

He used most of the column comparing Donald Trump to ex-Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke.

This was a new journalistic low for the Observer.

Roy Brown, Charlotte

Others advocated for detaining immigrants

Donald Trump is astoundingly inarticulate for a man who has accomplished as much as he has.

But the left’s constant comparison of him to 1933 Germany when he speaks of being more selective on who comes into the United States seems pretty silly when you think that a Democratic president rounded up and essentially jailed an entire group of people whose origins were from Japan and Germany.

Bill Wright, Charlotte

A game-changer: Let Johnson in debates

Please consider giving more coverage to the Gary Johnson/Bill Weld campaign for president.

These two former governors provide a real alternative to Trump and Clinton whom you report are disliked by many voters.

If they get into the debates it could change the game.

Irving B. Welchons III, Charlotte

Shorten the wait, get duplicate ID online

In response to “Trust me, getting ID no piece of cake” (Aug. 11 Forum):

Well, I understand Forum writer Rodney Black’s frustration.

However, if those with computer access would use the online services available from the state the wait would be shorter.

I just got a duplicate license online; it took five minutes.

Butch Fisher, Charlotte

Gov. McCrory will get no thanks from me

I got a door hanger this week paid for by Americans for Prosperity - North Carolina. It implored me to call Gov. Pat McCrory and “Tell him thanks for cutting my income taxes!”

Seems like Americans for Prosperity totally overlooked Pat’s backing coal ash, fracking and HB2, to name a few civil atrocities.

The only thing I would ever consider thanking him for is resisting the Republican Party’s talons while mayor of Charlotte.

Since becoming governor though, it is sad to say that the talons have sunk so deep that Pat has totally forgotten from whence he came.

He has become just another power-hungry, career politician seeking personal gain.

Kris Solow, Charlotte

City needs better plan for homeless

My husband and I recently retired to downtown Charlotte. We love it!

But last weekend we were disappointed to find many of the downtown benches occupied by homeless people, a lot more than usual. Several were aggressive in approaching us for handouts.

I know these people need help. I think the city of Charlotte should come up with a better plan to help them. Charlotte will be better off for it.

Jackie Stone, Charlotte

Help! I’m drowning in swim coverage

Enough, already. How many combinations of swimming-stroke and distance are there?

What’s left, the 20-foot dog-paddle?

John A. Marszalek, Charlotte