Letters to the Editor

We’re better than this. End the hateful election chatter.

John B. Hallman
John B. Hallman

Haven’t seen this much hate since ’63

I am so sick of getting up in the morning and reading online comments from the 2016 campaign like “she needs to be executed” or “Hang Hillary!”

Then you watch the videos of Americans chanting that stuff and they look just like the radical extremists they hate so much.

No, my first choice is not Hillary Clinton.

I cannot remember this much hatred since the fall of 1963 and it worries me greatly.

Hey, this is America, the greatest country in the world, We don’t talk about killing our politicians no matter how different their ideology is from ours!

Somebody bring my country back!

John B. Hallman, Charlotte

Clinton was target, but GOP missed

In response to “I’ll take Trump over Clinton’s lies” (Aug. 11 Forum):

I’m not a huge Clinton supporter either but to imply she is as big a liar as Trump is simply not true.

PolitiFact rated 60 percent of Trump’s statements as “pants on fire” lies, compared to 13 percent for Clinton.

So if you choose to vote for Trump, be honest enough to admit that it has nothing to with your respect for the truth.

Secondly, it was not the GOP’s cowardice that produced Trump. It was the GOP’s racially based hatred for Obama and their decision to oppose him on everything.

They attempted to destroy his presidency before it even got started and ended up destroying themselves in the process.

Torrius Grantham, Charlotte

Only a fool would endorse Clinton

In 2015 Hillary Clinton said, “We need to fix our dysfunctional political system and get unaccountable money out of it once and for all, even if it takes a constitutional amendment.”

While she criticizes outside money in politics, the Clinton Foundation has raised hundreds of millions from foreign governments and corporations seeking influence in Washington.

Only a newspaper run by absolute fools will endorse such a candidate.

David Wolfe, Charlotte

One lesson Trump apparently missed

When I was 6, my 14-year-old cousin pointed his hunting rifle at my puppy.

My aunt took his rifle away for the hunting season. Needless to say she was not amused when he said, “Aw, I was just funning her.”

He learned that you don’t kid around about guns. Too bad Donald Trump never learned that.

E.T. Shafer, Charlotte

Nothing democratic about CMS policy

In response to “Don’t flush new CMS bathroom policy” (Aug. 11 Observer Editorial):

I’m not a member of the N.C Values Coalition or on a Franklin Graham email list. I’m not a fundamentalist Christian either.

We can’t afford CMS as it is, and now the “big idea” is to spend money on screened areas and such to separate the many from the very few?

Are we at the point where we are going to run CMS on feelings?

These are children. Yes, we love them all. But rearranging the lives of the vast majority of students in favor of a very few isn’t even democratic.

Sydney A. Odell, Charlotte

Time to call in outside help on coal ash

In response to “Epidemiologist quits as squabble between scientists, state intensifies” (Aug. 11):

Maybe it’s time to get some outside help in North Carolina evaluating the problem of toxic coal ash and its effect on the health of all citizens.

Gov. Pat McCrory’s 28-year employment with Duke Energy appears to be a stumbling block in the process. Dr. Megan Davies’ abrupt departure should be a wake-up call.

Why not ask Virginia Tech professor Marc Edwards to address the toxic water issue? He and his team uncovered the contaminated water supply in Flint, Mich.

It’s time to bring in someone who would not be controlled by the governor and N.C. legislature.

Earle Mitchell, Springfield, Va.

CMPD should write more traffic tickets

In response to “Police to focus on crosswalk violations at dangerous intersection” (Aug. 11):

It is laudable that CMPD is on a push to enforce crosswalk laws. Just wish they would put some resources into other important traffic laws.

Charlotte is hands-down one of the worst cities to drive in without risking bodily harm.

Speed limits are simply suggestions and red lights are a game.

Traffic enforcement seems to be nonexistent.

When was the last time you saw a ticket being issued for these offenses?

Don McIver, Charlotte