Letters to the Editor

I’m fed up with GOP’s unconstitutional gamesmanship


Fed up with GOP’s gamesmanship

In response to “The details behind early voting cuts” (Aug. 17 Observer Editorial) and “Early voting limits Trump’s time to turn campaign around” (Aug. 17):

The Republican Party continues to struggle with the fact that a majority of Americans do not support its positions on most policy issues.

Consequently, it has to devise ways to ensure that a majority of those who actually vote do agree with these positions, and racially discriminatory voter suppression and redistricting have been a solution.

Is a political party that persistently seeks through unconstitutional gamesmanship to impose the will of a minority on our state and nation a legitimate political party?

I’d say not.

Pat McCoy, Charlotte

Elections board needs 7 members

At Monday’s Board of Elections meeting one person spoke against extending early voting.

The other 33 speakers all spoke for extending early voting.

But it became apparent that the public’s opinion was less important than that of the BOE chair.

It’s a shame that the board has only three officials, and that two are appointed Republicans and one an appointed Democrat.

I would like to see seven officials, some unaffiliated. It would help the process a great deal.

Vivian Brenner, Matthews

ACA isn’t affordable and isn’t working

In response to “Consumers face fewer choices, sticker shock after Aetna pullout” (Aug. 17):

Is the Affordable Care Act really affordable?

Even with significant insurance rate increases for consumers, providers are still losing millions.

The system is flawed and unaffordable for both citizens and insurance companies.

The government was never intended to manage the insurance industry and the ACA should have never come to fruition.

Traci Cockerham, Charlotte

Too much attention given LGBT issues

In response to “LGBT students need not apply” (Aug. 16 Observer Editorial):

The greatest country in history is teetering on the verge of collapse and your paper rants about LGBT rights!

I suggest that the entire editorial board of the Observer spend a month in that tropical paradise known as Haiti.

Upon your return I suspect you might feel differently about this country and its “shortcomings.”

Steve Kardisco, Hickory

No more explaining Trump’s words

Donald Trump makes headlines by making controversial, misunderstood statements.

Then, his supporters step up and tell us what he really meant.

Contained in their explanations is how the mean, liberal media is picking on him by not recognizing his sarcasm or joking.

I understand that this is his strategy to get media exposure, relieving him of the need to pay for exposure through paid ads.

But wouldn’t it be better for him, and us, if he said what he really meant at the outset?

Harvey Cohen, Charlotte

Turn disenfranchised into GOP voters

In response to “Clinton was target, but GOP missed” (Aug. 15 Forum):

President Barack Obama would not have been elected without a lot of white people voting for him.

I for one, did not support him because he was, and is, way too liberal for me.

He has carried political correctness, both at home and abroad, to extremes. He seems to love our enemies more than our allies.

Someday I hope that our political landscape will become so properly righted that many of those now feeling disenfranchised will finally feel so included that they will start to vote Republican.

Barry Marshall, Charlotte

Pets pose serious sanitation risk

In response to “I’ve had enough of pets in businesses” (Aug. 17 Forum):

I agree totally with this Forum writer. I want to add home improvement centers to the list of businesses frequented by shoppers with pets.

I have personally witnessed dog fights in the aisles of stores.

Store clerks have also related that pets often soil the shopping carts, creating a sanitary risk.

I would certainly assume that local laws regarding public health deem this practice illegal.

Business owners should comply and restrict access for shoppers with pets.

Ted Dasynich, Mooresville