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The Buzz 07.15.17: Anonymous comments from our readers

Imagine that. An American president gave a speech on foreign soil and threw our intelligence agencies under the bus.

Trump’s Warsaw speech tried to slap some sense into the rest of Europe.

Putin played Trump like a fine violin, and we all have to pay the piper.

Gee, is there not perhaps some country with a successful health care system we could emulate?

Confederate statues don’t send messages. Folks see what’s in their hearts.

Statues don’t impart knowledge and understanding. History teachers do.

The North Carolina GOP's mandate has always been the unrestricted spraying of garbage juice.

Loosening regulations on garbage juice spraying proves again the GOP has phew good ideas.

Trumps say the darndest things.

CNN colluded with Hillary more than Russia ever did with Trump.

Trump wants your voter data. Putin will get it from Kushner.

My wife works for CMS. I have a unique skill set. Where’s my job?