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The Buzz 07.16.17: Anonymous comments from our readers

Lynx to the airport! Connect Charlotte to the world.

Tiffany Capers’ column on why black churches don’t want white churches’ help proves no good deed goes unpunished.

Charlotte City Council continues to drag its feet responding to citizens’ needs. I want my Sunday morning mimosa NOW!

Clayton Wilcox is already improving the lives of Charlotte’s citizens. At least the ones he brought here with him.

I don’t know where that letter writer gets his free plastic bags. I usually have to spend big bucks at the grocery store to get mine.

Charlotte Observer writers and editors, PLEASE remember that to “beg the question” is a way of dodging a question, not asking one.

We can’t connect the dots yet, but they are getting closer together.

Trump may not have a smart phone, but he thinks it has a great smile and a winning personality.

That nothingburger is made of Mos Cow.

Mueller investigation reveals millions of voters knowingly colluded with Trump campaign to get him elected.