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The Buzz 07.23.17: Anonymous comments from our readers

Now that Gettleman’s gone, can we get Steve Smith back?

I guess we no longer need the Bible now that we have Rev. Barber defining Christianity for us.

The Rev. Barber defining Christianity? I thought that was Franklin Graham’s job.

I wholeheartedly agree soccer is great. Funneling taxpayer money into a sports stadium is not.

The tens of people who showed up for the MLS stadium rally proved a good point.

How soon before River District residents start complaining about airport noise?

It appears that Donald Jr.’s nothingburger had quite a few side orders.

I’m also proud of Don Jr.’s transparency. You can see right through his lies.

Donald Trump knows a lot! Not very many people know that.

Capitalism’s only as good as those who practice it.

You Trump haters might want to check your 401(k) since the election.

So repeal Obamacare now and in two years the Easter Bunny might bring us something.