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The Buzz, July 29, 2016: Anonymous comments from our readers on the issues of the day

I could understand Trump if he wasn’t a teetotaler.

Since President Trump never apologizes, odds are he’ll never ask for a pardon.

Why are my only choices “Fake News” or Fox News?

Obviously, President Trump based his decision to ban transgender soldiers on his personal military experience. Oh . . . never mind.

No one who supported the socialist policies of Bernie Sanders should have a place in city government. See, it goes both ways.

Looking at the makeup of the city coucil and county commissioners, I’d say Trump supporters are already drained from the Charlotte government swamp.

“Freeway” is obviously a misnomer.

Impeachment is a political process, so President Trump should work harder at making friends.

Guilty three-year-old: “Don’t look in the closet.” President Trump: “Don’t look at my financial records.”

If you’re not guilty of anything, just be transparent and let the investigation proceed. Oh, wait, now I understand.