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The Buzz 08.06.17: Anonymous comments from our readers

What Happened? Hillary Happened.

Isn’t Trump worried that one of these fired canaries will start to sing?

The Republicans were against Obamacare before they were for it.

Congress, just change the name of Obamacare to Trumpcare and declare victory.

John McCain now owns Obamacare.

The new bestseller: The McCain Mutiny!

The Russians should have replaced more senators.

You have to laugh at politics these days to keep from screaming in full-blown terror.

President Trump is a paragon of weakness.

I miss covfefe.

Trump thinks Congress’ sanctions bill is unconstitutional? Since when does he even know what’s in the Constitution?

TOLLS: Tell Others Lake Lovers are Suffering.

Washington, DC: Dysfunctional Chaos.

Why is the city fretting so much over a soccer stadium when they happily blow millions on a streetcar no one will ride?