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The Buzz Aug. 19, 2017: Anonymous comments from our readers

Mr. President, one wrong and one worse wrong don’t make a right.

The President was getting ready to tell us how we’d have the best infrastructure in the world, when suddenly everything came tumbling down.

Make America great again. Remove all the Confederate statues.

Tear down the Confederate statues. We need the space for more boring apartment buildings.

Do we have to change the name of Fort Bragg to Fort Chelsea Manning?

Donald Trump is the best thing to happen to Democrats since FDR.

Bigotry thrives on silence: why we don’t wait two days to say something.

Trump’s base is getting baser all the time.

Trump is right. Alt-right.

So if the Jews fought back during Kristallnacht, would they have been equally to blame?

Those who fake history are doomed to repeat it.

The dogs have finally answered the President’s dog whistle.

How can you have an eclipse party without Moon Pies?