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The Buzz Aug. 20, 2017: Anonymous comments from our readers

We tolerate Confederate memorials not because they remind us of history, but because we have forgotten history.

Remove the generals from the Confederate memorials. Leave the horses, they were innocent.

I hate how you want to erase my heritage.

Tear down these statues and you demolish the very foundation of our nation.

I don’t learn my history from statues. I read history books.

That basket of deplorables showed up in Charlottesville.

Confederates had slavery. Then came sharecropping. Now we have government entitlements.

Gov. Cooper sees both sides: the Left and the Alt-Left.

United we stand. Divided we fall. “But both sides are to blame.”

It’s High Noon, and all the Republicans are leaving town.

The Republican leadership did Nazi this coming.

Trump is the mirror for white America.

Anyone want to talk about Russians? Just for a change?