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The Buzz 09/17/17: Anonymous comments from our readers on the issues of the day

Charlotte Democrats have voted to go from frying pan into the fire.

Mayor Jennifer Roberts ran on a platform of inclusion. But Charlotte voters didn’t include her in their choices.

Oh, sure, there was HB2 and the Scott shooting. But the Russians are really behind Jennifer’s defeat.

Vouchers are your school tax dollars at church.

Apple has just reinvented the pay phone.

If you think you hate Obamacare, wait until you get a load of Berniecare.

Silent Sam is the quiet voice of racism.

$85,000 a year for the "Culinary Development Manager" and the kids get a Char-Meck-A-Nator.

The Char-Meck-A-Nator is just more fat and salt for our kids. Good thing few of them can read well enough to comprehend the ingredients.

Pence looks at Trump the way Nancy used to look at Reagan.

Trump’s two-faced about-face is making me dizzy.

The only green space Mecklenburg County Commissioners value is in their campaign finance accounts.