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The Buzz 09/16/17: Anonymous comments from our readers on the issues of the day

The sequel to Hillary Clinton’s ‘What Happened’ should be ‘Enough Already.’

The Russians didn’t influence my Trump vote. Hillary did.

Feeling twice-lucky. I stayed out of the path of Hurrican Irma, and Hillary hasn’t yet blamed me for her loss.

What happens to all that unused bottled water when people return it to the grocery stores?

Twenty-six years after Hugo, Duke Energy still hasn’t buried the power lines.

Appaarently, Steve Bannon would still give Trump all the shirts off his back.

Are you ready for some CTE, I mean, football?

If Mecklenburg County Commissioners had jurisdiction in Manhatten, they would sell Central Park to developers.

The New York Times says Charlotte doesn’t have enough cultural edginess for young people. Don’t they know we have a streetcar?

CMS can innovate all it wants, but there’s no substitute for good parenting.

Looks like Project Lift needs more heavy lifting.