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The Buzz 10/21/17: Anonymous comments from our readers on the issues of the day

Maybe if everyone just learned to flatter and grovel before Trump he would behave.

Trump has never in his life had to back up his facts.

The last thing that should be politicized are the losses of Gold Star families.

Trump didn’t know what he signed up for.

NCAA: No Credibility At All.

If UNC has such lack of integrity with their athletes’ academic programs, one wonders where else they’re lacking.

UNC is to college athletics as Lance Armstrong is to cycling.

Welcome to the new Carolina Way.

“Habitat loss” really means “destruction by developers.”

Tolerant Americans don’t dismantle Southerners’ tributes to beloved and brave leaders, friends and family..

Social media has changed us from a nation of leaders into a nation of followers.

Who needs Halloween? We have the White House.

Time to schedule college football games on Sundays so we fans have something to watch.