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The Buzz 10/29/17: Anonymous comments from our readers on the issues of the day

So apparently, the only reason our politicians didn’t waste wads of money on Major League Soccer is that it is an election year.

How can we land Amazon if we can’t even land Major League Soccer?

We might be able to convince Amazon to locate here if we can keep them off I-77.

The Panthers are boosting every other team’s defensive stats.

Cam’s sacks are right up there with his sulks.

Bannon’s Beatitudes: Blessed are they that are more right wing than Robert Pittenger.

Tolerant Southerners recognize that most of those statues were monuments to white supremacy disguised as memorials to brave leaders, friends and family.

Let’s quit attacking our President and support our country before it’s too late.

If Kelly’s minding Trump, who’s minding Kelly?

Trump and Hillary had a collusion collision.

Uranium One, Clinton Zero.

Melania, anti-bullying campaigns begin at home.