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The Buzz 11/18/17: Anonymous comments from our readers on the issues of the day

Facebook has turned into Fakebook; You Tube has turned into Boob Tube; and Twitter should just leave off the “ter.”

Trump kowtows to a Chinese dictator, and calls it winning.

If Alabama elects him, Moore’s the pity.

We need a wall around Alabama.

Apparently if you sexually assault someone, you are unfit to play a fake President on TV but are still qualified to be the real President.

It’s amazing how many “tax-reformers” still believe in the trickle-down fairy.

What's the point of asking Sessions questions when he always says he doesn't know or cannot remember?

Fox News is in the henhouse.

Hey candidates, the election is over; take down your signs.

So Braxton Winston, the guy with no shirt, saggy pants, underwear showing, and who got arrested, is on the City Council and is now a “leader.” Lord help Charlotte!

Charlotte has just two seasons, but we get them several times a year.