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The Buzz 12/03/17

Trump may have put Christmas back in Merry Christmas, but he’s removed the Merry.

Hey, Robert Pittenger! Happy Holidays!

Roy Moore is not fit to tread the same hallowed halls as Al Franken and John Conyers.

Nancy Pelosi, is Rep. Conyers an icon or a sexual harasser or an iconic sexual harasser?

Want to end harassment? Put women in charge of everything or quit hiring them altogether.

Why didn’t the Observer profile of Johnny Harris mention his alleged part in the attempted takeover of Charlotte’s airport?

After Trump brings back the coal miner jobs, he’ll bring back wheelwrights and buggy whip makers.

How can you tell when Trump is lying? His thumbs are moving.

Trump thinks fake videos are more important than real news?

The Resist Movement is really the Divide Movement.

Franklin Graham is the reason we separate church and state.

Why doesn’t SouthPark have a park?