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The Buzz 12/16/17: Anonymous comments from our readers on the issues of the day

Hit the road, Roy. No Moore, No Moore, No Moore, No Moore!

Roy Moore’s Roy Less.

Thank those Godless, morally depraved liberals for keeping that molester out of the Senate!

Now Roy Moore is banned from the National mall.

So Mecklenburg County is now forced to do business by phone or in person? Finally! The hacker should be made the new county manager.

The GOP tax plan is government of their donors, by their donors and for their donors.

Great watching Democrats in Congress screaming about Republicans railroading the tax bill. Guess they forgot what they did with the Affordable Care Act.

Mr. President, the middle class can’t afford any more of your help.

Give Obama credit! The stock market took off when he left office!

Paula, Kathleen, and Juanita were ahead of their Time.

Nikki Haley urging women to speak out about sexual misconduct including those citing the president's behavior? Bye-bye Nikki!