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The Buzz 01/14/18: Anonymous comments from our readers on the issue of the day

If new owners want a new stadium and don't get it, do the Panthers leave and we get the Browns?

When Donald Trump emigrates to Russia, will his family be allowed to follow him?

Trump repeatedly tells the world he's a genius. Does Lebron James have to tell us he's a great basketball player?

I question the intelligence of those questioning the president’s intelligence.

Did Hillary also finance Michael Wolff’s book?

If the media ignored Trump, he’d have nothing to tweet about.

Oprah’s movement? #MeTooForPresident.

We don’t need another entitled celebrity in the White House.

I’d love to see 2020 be a race between Oprah and Nikki Haley.

Come on, Charlotte! Everybody needs to pony up so Felix Sabates can make some real money.

Morrison Library’s great. All it needs are books.

Fire at Trump Tower? Whose pants started that?

‘Tis better to have buzzed and not drawn ink than to have never buzzed at all.