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The Buzz 01/28/18: Anonymous comments from our readers on the issue of the day

Charlotte is striving for 21st century growth with 18th century planning.

Why didn’t we get HQ2? It’s obvious, someone from Amazon actually visited Charlotte.

Amazon would have just taken that land we need for a new stadium anyway.

Whoever said, “When I grow up I want to be a non-essential government worker”?

A government shutdown accomplishes the same thing as government working: nothing.

Democrats are more concerned about caving to the president than doing the right thing.

How can a senator be pro-life and anti-CHIP?

They found those missing FBI emails. Another conspiracy theory sinks back into the swamp from whence it came.

Shut down the FBI death panel.

Does anyone think Trump is more likely to speak the truth under oath than from behind the presidential podium?

Is CMS teaching the ABCs or the LGBTQs?

If they can’t fix Cam, it doesn’t matter who the Panthers get for receivers.