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Trump is to blame. Say it and say it loud

Donald Trump is to blame for the most recent mass shootings.

He has again lied about the killings, trying to blame someone else or something else, “mental illness.”

No, it’s not someone or something else. And all of you out there who support him like the shameful crowd at the Greenville, NC, Trump rally are to blame, too, because you show him that that you agree with his hateful, dangerous, and un-American message.

The chants this time were “Send her back! Send her back!” Which has replaced the revolting “Lock her up! Lock her up!”

And the response at a May Trump rally in Florida to his question about what are we going to do about all the illegal immigrants: “Shoot ‘em!”

That is what one of his followers did this past weekend. The racist killer in El Paso drove 10 hours from Dallas because he thought he could murder more of the illegal Mexicans and Hispanics in that border city.

What is infuriating even more was a muted response from Democratic presidential candidates. It took most of them a day to point the finger, while the president’s “acting” Chief of Staff and former Tea Party fraud Mick Mulvaney trotted out on the Sunday talk shows to whine that Trump was “saddened by this and he’s angry about it.”

Trump, as per his coward inclination, stayed out of sight instead of going on national TV immediately to express his “sadness” and “anger.” Finally, 48 hours after the El Paso shooting, Trump went on national television. What did he do? He lied.

He talked about “precious little children” being murdered, which immediately reminds one of his inhumane treatment of the precious little children of thousands of immigrants awaiting in cages the decisions on their asylum pleas. He talked about two “evil attacks” and “wicked men” who committed the horrors, but nothing about the evil and wickedness of the man who encouraged one of the shooters.

What are we going to do about these invading and disease infested people? “Shoot ‘em!”

Trump blamed video games. He blamed the Internet. He blamed slow acting police at the murders at Parkland High School in Florida. He blamed illegal drugs. He blamed social media. He blamed human trafficking. He blamed white supremacy … finally.

In one of the most outrageous statements, given his calls for his rally supporters to beat up hecklers and his many, many racist and horrible comments to blacks, disabled people, and Mideast genocide victims, he also said this: “Racism, bigotry and white supremacy. These sinister ideologies must be defeated. Hate has no place in America. Hatred warps the mind, ravages the heart and devours the soul.”

One wonders who wrote that. It certainly wasn’t Trump.

Does anyone out there believe him now when he calls for bipartisan, Republican and Democratic solutions to these mass murders he has prompted?

No. No one believes you Mr. President. We blame you and we will blame you for the next one, which is sure to come as long as you are president.

Barlow Herget is a Raleigh writer and former N&O editorial writer, Raleigh City Council member and Nieman Fellow at Harvard.